Wednesday 29 November 2017

Cover Reveal - Until The End Of Time By M.M. Clem

Until The End Of Time
By M.M. Clem

Story Synopsis:

Book 3 in the Time Series
Chase has always been the bad boy. His father gave him the best of everything growing up, except the one thing a young man really needs: a dad. When a routine traffic stop goes awry and Chase takes the fall for his old man, he vows to never forgive him.
Emma lived a life hidden away at boarding schools, not even knowing she had a half-sister. She was taught to never argue or speak without permission. She did everything she could to please her parents, especially her father, until one day he asked a favor that she refused to fulfill.
Living life on his own terms, Chase is known as the town man whore. He loves women. All kinds of them, in fact, and isn’t ashamed of who he is. He has no plans on settling down anytime soon either, at least until a small, pixie-like woman walks into his pizza shop and gives him reason to pause.
Finally free from the oppressive life she’s used to, Emma is anxious to meet her half-sister and start a new life in a small town. She’s determined to make it on her own and nothing is going to slow her down, except maybe a sexy pizza shop owner.
They’re complete opposites but there’s no denying the buzzing attraction between Chase and Emma when they meet. Can Emma handle Chase’s wild ways? Will Emma’s innocence be Chase’s undoing? Or will they fizzle and burn out before they really get a chance at something.
About The Author
M.M. Clem lives in a small town, in the heart of Indiana, with her husband, three kids, and her big black dog, Leela. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, photography, sleeping, and watching her daughter dance. When she's not busy writing or reading, you can find her chauffeuring her kids to
band practices and competitions, club meetings, dance practice and dance competitions, or fiddling around on social media. She loves her Netflix,
country music, anything sweet to eat, and iced tea. Sarcasm is her second language.
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