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Release Blitz & Review: Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron & Sloane Howell

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What happens when an unrepentant Cleat Chaser meets the player of her dreams?

Nikki Graves has a history of going through the baseball roster with an eye for talent--the kind of talent that keeps things spicy between the sheets. But, once she meets Braden Bradford, catcher for the Ravens, her talent scout days are done. He's the one.

Braden has never met a woman like Nikki, and he can't get enough of her smart mouth and big heart. But life isn't always as direct and certain as the connection between Braden and Nikki. When family objections and career trajectories begin to crowd the plate, will Braden be able to keep his catch of a lifetime?

I shot back against the cushion, doing my best to act normal. Nik pushed the door open. “Hey, babe. I was waiting for my dessert course.” I made a show of scrubbing my hand across my mouth and face like I was clearing her a space.
“I’m good.” Her tone was flat, and she didn’t even look at me.
What the hell?
Her usual spark was gone. She sauntered over to the side table, and dropped her keys and bag on it.
I glanced down at the laptop screen full of porn. Fuck! I’d been researching some new shit to try out with her, but there was no way she’d believe me. My gaze drifted to the mouse way up under the table. There was no chance I could get to it without giving away my knee situation.
Using my good leg, I tried to gently kick the computer screen closed, and, of course, it only opened wider.
“Have you moved from the couch all night? Did you even shower?” She sighed, still facing the wall like she had no interest in looking at me.
“What’s wrong, babe? What happened?” My mind raced. A lot could have occurred at Estate de CuntMuffin that would set her off. I’d been worried the whole time she was gone.
“I’m fine.” She turned around, and I watched her eyes dart straight to the computer screen. Her brows pinched together and her hands went to her hips.
Fuck me. This won’t be good.
“Nice, Braden. Real fucking nice.”
“It’s not what you think. I don’t look at porn.” I stared in the other direction and mumbled. “Often.”
“Your fingers slip and accidentally type in ‘’” She scowled and began to pace back and forth.
I’d expected her to be upset about the porn, but not this much. I was halfway hoping she’d want to look at it with me. “No. I was trying to find new stuff to try out on you. If you must know.”
Her lips curled like she might smile, and then they mashed back into a thin line.
So close.
“Have they said if you’re going to be traded or not?” She took another step toward me, ignoring all of the pussy acrobatics flashing on the laptop.
“No.” I tilted my head to my lap and ground my teeth while I tried to compose myself. I’d been trying to forget about that shit all day, but the pain in my knee kept it front and center in my mind.
She made a pfft sound and threw her arms in the air.
“Babe, I’m sorry. I know I’m supposed to have a clue what you’re upset about. I just don’t.”
A million things rocketed through my mind at once and brought my entire thought process to a crashing halt. My brain buffered slower than the inverted cowgirl pussy nomming scene I’d attempted to watch earlier.
Nik scowled, and then folded her arms across her chest. She stared me down like a closer in the ninth inning. “Think really really hard about the problem we have.”
My eyes rolled up toward the ceiling. “Uhh, your parents?” I glanced back and tried to judge her reaction.
She made a loud sound like a buzzer that startled me.
“Fucking hell. I mean, umm, me being traded?” I held my hands up and shrugged.
“Warmer.” She took another step toward me.
I hated this fucking guessing game. Why couldn’t she just say it? Heat rushed into my face, and my body tensed.
“Can you just tell me? Please. Stop fucking around with me.” I smacked my hand against the back of the sofa, and Nik jumped.
“Maybe my parents were right. Maybe you do have anger issues.” She stomped off a few steps and whipped back around. “Easton!
“Take that shit back. You know I don’t. Maybe your goddamn family just brings it out of everyone. Maybe you’re more like your mo—” I froze stiff on the couch, and my eyes bugged out. I held up my hands. “I stopped myself. You heard me. I did not say it.”
It was too late. I thought my head was going to explode the way Nik glowered in my direction. Her hands were squeezed into fists at her sides, and I could see all the whites of her knuckles. She started toward me like a possessed demon. “Did you say what I think you said?”
Do not answer, Braden. That shit is rhetorical. Adapt and survive.
I shook my head quickly and braced myself in case she resorted to physical violence.

The gang is back and if possible even better than the first time we meet with them. With more craziness and even more laugh out loud moments, and after loving Cleat Chaser i couldn't wait to get my hands on this next instalment and Cleat Catcher was everything i wanted from Braden and Nikki's story and more!!
Nikki Graves was a Cleat Chaser with her flirtatiousness and fabulous looks she had the pick of anyone and loved it. That is until she meet Braden Bradford and he's The One!! 

Braden Bradford is the Catcher and team Captain of the Ravens, He's the team's joker but is always thinking of his team and teammates first and foremost even to the point of neglecting his owns problems.

But the thing with life it's never just two people involved, when you've got a mother who is trying to hook you up with the Douche Bag of paper. And a injury that could be career ending. Can Nikki and Braden keep it together and be the strongest of teams or will they strike out!!

Celia and Sloane have once again given us an amazing book (even though i still don't understand baseball :-) they gave us funny arse characters with some of funniest conversations and comments I've ever heard and even though this is a Standalone i would highly recommend you read Cleat Chaser first because why would you want to deprive yourself of such fabulous and funny writing!!

I hope there is more to come from these two Authors together hint hint Kasey needs her own book!!!

**Arc Gratefully Received for an Honest Review**  

Celia Aaron

Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

Sloane Howell

Sloane Howell lives in the Midwest United States and writes dirty stories. When not reading or writing he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports, playing with the dogs, traveling, and engaging his readers on social media. You can almost always catch him on Twitter posting something goofy.

Visit his web page to sign up for his mailing list to get updates on new releases, promos, and giveaways. Thanks for reading.


Blog Tour & Review - Top Bottom Switch by Chelle Bliss


Part of the Club Series, featuring interconnected novellas

Ret North knows exactly who he is—a Dominant male with an insatiable sexual appetite. He’s always been a top, searching for his bottom…until a notorious switch catches his eye.
Alese Kane has grown tired of her usual partners. She’s been watching Ret for months, wanting to run her tongue along his hard muscles. But his need for total control stops her.
Ret worries that a relationship with Alese would be impossible, but his giant ego and even larger cock tell him otherwise. Unable to deny his attraction to her any longer, Ret convinces Alese to submit to him.
When Ret dominates Alese, will she submit or will she top from the bottom?

I can almost smell her arousal from across the booth, and my mouth waters from the scent. “Lucky bastard,” I whisper so quietly that only I can hear over the music in the background.
Stella’s body starts to tremble, her creamy skin glistening under the lights. Her breathing changes and she lets out a small moan.
Misha’s hand stops and he whispers in her ear. She nods before his hands start to move again under the table. “Open your eyes, Stella. I want Master Ret to watch you fall apart in my lap.”
Her head slowly moves off his shoulder and her eyes flutter open. 
I swallow, my mouth suddenly dry when our eyes meet. Without breaking eye contact, and with my hand still holding my hardened cock, I pick up the scotch and watch over the rim. I try to quell the thirst, but it doesn’t work.
I don’t need a drink. I need a submissive.

Chelle does BDSM and it was Pure Bliss!!!
I fell in love with Chelle Bliss's books right from Throttle Me her writing is flawless and I have never had a bad read from her so before i even knew what TBS was about it was add to my goodreads purely because its a Bliss book!!
Holy Cow did our girl deliver even though this is a short read it packs Heat! Lets step into The Club!

 Where we find Ret he's the Dominant but is bored, the club sub's hold nothing for him which leads Ret to thinking maybe he's looking for a forever Submissive.

"I'd never thought about settling down, finding someone to sit at my feet and take care of. But recently, it's all I keep thinking about. Pushing thirty has me reevaluating my life. I no longer want a plaything. I want a lover, a partner, and the one who completes me."

Then we have Alese who joins the club because she feels unsatisfied with her sex life she thinks she knows what she wants, after failing to be submissive with Dom's within the club she tries to be a Domme but she is a complete failure each time she tries. But is she a true submissive trying to Top from the Bottom?

“I realise this is only temporary. He’s helping me find myself…What if I want more? What if I want this to be longer?”

Can Ret show Alese that she is a true submissive or will she be forever searching?? Can Alese be the one to give Ret what he wants in a forever submissive?? 

Well i'm not going to say but i will say GET TO ONE CLICKING THIS HOTTTTT READ!!! Because the chemistry is off the charts in this Erotic Novella.

**ARC provided by Chelle Bliss & Man Slave Brian in exchange for an Honest Review**

Chelle currently lives near the Gulf of Mexico and is a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. Currently she's written over thirteen books and loves spending her free time with her man, 2 cats, and her hamster.


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