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Book Blitz - Dessert Ten Ways by Kariss Stone

   Title: Dessert Ten Ways Series: Sexy Ten #1
By: Kariss Stone
Publication Date: April 28, 2017
Genre: Erotica
The best things in life are sweet!
Charlotte Castle couldn’t believe her luck, meeting hunky businessman Eric Madison, her sexual equal in every way. Full of creative ideas, he knew exactly how to spice up the sex using desserts, with often interesting results! From Pavlova to Chocolate Mousse, from Sticky Date Pudding to Bombe Alaska, she’d never look at these desserts the same way again. Sugar rush. Sexual high.
Fun and playful sex with no-strings attached. 
The only relationship he wanted.
She understood what she’d signed up for. 
But what if she starts wanting more?
Dessert Story No 1 
‘Strawberry Dream’ 
(using strawberries and cream) 
His eyes narrowed and sparked with desire as he placed a couple of cream-coated strawberry bits just inside my mound. “Now this is how I like my strawberries and cream.”
I pushed my head back into the soft cushioning, hunger filling me, impatient hips rising. “Suck me now, Eric!” I wriggled, needing his touch.
Dipping his head between my thighs, he swirled his tongue around my pussy lips, before touching my swollen clit, eager tongue colliding with engorged flesh.
Breath hissed out of me. I clenched the edge of the leather sofa with my hands, as my inner muscles tightened with the clawing need to release. Fire licked my body. “Oh Eric… Eric…” I moaned. How I’d wanted this. So badly. Only dreamed of being touched like this. And now it was happening.
His tonguing increased, became faster as loud moans escaped my lips. I glanced down. When his head bobbed up, he smiled, and I saw little bits of creamy strawberry on his mouth and nose. Then his head was back between my thighs, as he delved into my hot wetness and twirled with lush flicks of his tongue. Liquid heat ignited inside me. “Eric…” I was close, yet holding back to draw out the torture inflicted on me. My fingers gripped the leather couch tighter. I panted as my hips flexed faster into his lapping tongue.
My flesh pulsed as he blew a long, slow stream of hot air into me. My body jerked. His mouth a wicked sin to my senses.
Dessert Story No 3 
‘Sticky Moments’ 
(using ridged dates and caramel fudge) 
When she dipped a fresh date into the sauce and caressed my sacs with it, making the gooey mixture mingle with my pubic hair, my balls tightened, my body sung and I succumbed to the erotic power she wielded, knowing I could never stop having sex with this woman.
Withdrawing her mouth, she ordered me to turn around. I loved the fact she was taking charge, promptly doing as I was told so my back was now to her front. I started pulling on my dick, unable to hold back. Breath hissed between my clenched teeth as she worked her special type of magic in my ass.
Looking back and downwards, I watched as she discarded the date she’d just used, grabbed a fresh one and dipped it into the fudge.
After crouching down on the floor, she parted my ass cheeks and circled the warm fudge-covered date around my back hole, lubricating the area. My breath hitched as the date’s ridges grazed the puckered skin and sauce warmed the area. I moaned as a gooey finger slipped inside me. Fucking hell!
Dessert Story No. 4 
‘Banana Excite 
(using choc-dipped bananas) 
She licked her lips in a provocative tease, a wicked gleam sparking in her eyes before she beckoned me with her sultry smile and come-hither look.
Voyeuristic sex. She clearly didn’t care who saw them. My cock grew harder.
After picking up a firm banana from the table next to her, she slowly peeled off the skin, with a what-are-you-waiting-for expression on her face.
Desire arrowed straight to my groin and my hands lowered to my cock where I started jacking myself off, loving watching her, watching me, as twilight silhouetted her luscious curves.
Waiting. Ready. Hungry. Eager. I wanted her more than ever before.
With her gaze locked on me, she dipped the banana in the warm chocolate sauce, maneuvering it all around the bowl until half of it was coated. With her lips curved suggestively, she lifted out the banana, letting the melted sweetness drip down the rest of it.
Wanting her as badly as I needed to breathe, I advanced closer, grabbed the banana from her hand and got down on my knees until my head perfectly aligned with her pussy. First I dipped one finger inside her. Moistness seeped onto it and I rolled my eyes, loving how easily my angel got turned on. As she spread her legs apart, she pushed her hips out to meet me and I slowly eased the half choc-coated banana inside of her, little by little, entranced as her slick flesh expanded with each push I made.
She gripped the balcony fence rail behind her, dipping her head back. “Oh yes, Eric...” she whimpered, “just like that…”
Dessert Story No. 8 
‘Once Liquored, Never Shy’ 
(using liqueur-filled chocolates) 
Something cold squirted into my pussy. I gasped, jerking in my seat, unable to do so unobtrusively. Eric lifted up the end of the tablecloth in front of me for a moment. The strong smell of peach vodka from inside one of the chocolates hit my nostrils and sent my senses soaring.
He whispered up at me, “I think I’m going to get drunk on the vapors.”
I chuckled and he placed the tablecloth back down. A few seconds later, his tongue was there, and he was licking and swirling the liqueur in and around my delicate folds.
Oh God... He was so skilled with his tongue….
At that moment, the waitress came up to me. “ e il signor would likar zee dessert, si?”
“Um... Eee!” I squealed. The guys and girls at the group table immediately turned their heads to look at me, as did the man seated with the woman. Did they suspect something? And would Eric still be this risqué if the restaurant was packed?
“Mi Scusi. You are hokay?” the waitress asked.
Oh yes, I’m just having a guy licking liqueur out of my pussy! “Yes, yes I’m fine.”
Eric’s tonguing got quicker as he centered around my clit, obviously knowing the waitress was right there. My clit throbbed under his expert caress and my mouth went completely dry as desire rippled through me.
I gulped. A fine sheen of sweat broke out on my forehead. “Ah... can you give us…” I stopped, gritted my teeth as Eric gave me another wide swirl with his tongue. “Anoth–another...ten…ten minutes?”
The waitress gave me a strange look but nodded and walked away.
I met the gaze of the woman sitting at the table with her husband. The woman winked at me and gave me a this-can-just-be-our-little secret smile. Right then, two of Eric’s fingers went deep inside me and my mind immediately went back to what was happening underneath the table. I sucked in a sharp breath as he circled me while drawing on my clit with his tongue, breathing his hot breath there, suckling me.
Breath hissed between my clenched teeth. Liquid desire pooled further within my pussy. I heard lapping sounds from underneath the table where he was licking me ravenously, making my nerve endings twitter with delight. My sex clenched as he gave me another well-positioned flick with his tongue and I struggled to hold back as he drove me toward a spiral of lust I never wanted to end.
End of book excerpt: 
I studied Eric. His shoulders relaxed, his hands unclasped from his lap. Had he thought I’d bring up the ‘I love you’ issue again with him? It had crossed my mind. A part of me wanted to, then I remembered what I’d signed up for with Eric in the beginning―a casual affair and nothing more serious. Maybe in time it could be something more, if I didn’t press the issue now.
“And I’ve got just the idea for our next sexual adventure,” he added, giving me a devilish grin.
Already? “Wow, that was quick.”
“It will take our sex to a whole different level.”
“Really? In what way?”
He shook his head, his eyes glinting.
“You’re not going to tell me?”
Now I couldn’t walk away, even if I wanted to, not when he piqued my interest like this.
THE END… For now.
Simone Cooper, writing as Kariss Stone for her erotica books, has always been a romantic and knew from an early age creative writing was her passion, and that she wanted to be a writer. She loves everything about love and writing and romance in all its glorious forms, and has a natural passion for erotica, because as she says it’s fun and exciting to ‘live out’ any sexual fantasy you want! Simone lives on the Central Coast of NSW in a small flat with her beautiful man and their adorable but cheeky cat Ralph, who is the apple of their eye. When she’s not writing herself, she loves immersing herself in romance and erotica books and is addicted to any romance reality show on TV. Saddened by all the animal cruelty in the world, she donates regularly to many animal charities. Her dream is to set up an animal rescue refuge when she retires. Her first published book was an erotica short story called ‘Lust to the Night’, which describes in detail the first night of hot sex between the hero and heroine of ‘Dessert Ten Ways’ which is the first book in her ‘Sexy Ten’ series. Simone has also written a sweet romance called ‘The Ghost of his Past’ which is part of the Bindarra Creek Romance series: 13 books by 13 authors over 13 months. Set in the picturesque tablelands of New England, Australia, Bindarra Creek is a fictional, often drought-stricken community full of intrigue, adventure, drama and romance. Life and love in a small country town has never been more challenging. To learn more about the Bindarra Creek series, head to To find out more about Simone/Kariss and her books please visit: Website (Kariss Stone) – Facebook (Kariss Stone) – Website (Simone Angela) –
Thrills Ten Places
The Finale Book
‘Thrills Ten Places’ © (A ‘Sexy Ten’ erotica novel).
The finale of Eric and Charlotte’s journey to love.
Book # 2 in the ‘Sexy Ten’ series
The follow on book to ‘Dessert Ten Ways’
Is too much of a good thing wrong?
Intimacy in a grocery store, on the back of a bus, in the surf, a nightclub, a cable car. Just for starters! Eric takes his and Charlotte’s ‘thrills’ sex to an all new high.
But Charlotte’s feelings for him grow to the point where a casual affair is no longer enough. Even though she risks losing him, she has to let him know how she feels.
Will Eric overcome his fear of love and commitment or will Charlotte have to walk away from the only man she’s ever loved?
Thrills Story No. 2
‘Fruit Ignite’
(In the back of a small grocery shop)
He circled the banana underneath a breast, popping open a couple of buttons of my shirt in the process. If my hands weren’t braced against the shelf behind me, I’d have slid to the ground. I gripped the edge of the box, watching breathlessly as he pulled my shirttails out from my skirt. His eyes grew darker, his jaw tight.
He eased the banana tip inside the waistband of my skirt, before trailing it down to the sensitive area above my mons and my jaw locked. When he blew softly at the side of my neck at the same time, like feathers were touching my skin, I almost succumbed right then.
“Touch my pussy,” I whispered, lifting my skirt to give him better access.
“My pleasure.” With the blunt end of the banana he rubbed the crotch of my thong, dipping the tip into the crease, twirling it around. My body tingled as his circling increased.
“Oh my God. Eric…” My words were a desperate plea.
“Yes, baby, yes.” His raspy voice slid over me like a cool satin slip and I melted into him as easily as chocolate in a hot pan. Thrills raced up my spine. His dark, hungry eyes drew me in further, held me captive, his freshly showered scent invaded my senses. I couldn’t get enough of him. When his hard cock pressed into my stomach, I tipped my head back, and let out a breathy sigh, wanting more, needing more. I wished he could have taken me right here and now, hoist me up on top of the fruit trays and do me rough and wild until the whole fruit section was a mess on the concrete floor. Fruit Ignite indeed! And what a fun, glorious mess we would create.
He captured my clit through the thin fabric with the circling banana, as if determined to make me come, regardless of being sprung.
I circled my hips faster into his quickening assault, as his cock twitched against my lower stomach. I had to grab it, reaching my hand inside the waist band of his shorts and underpants, capturing his thickness, rubbing in the drop of pre-cum lingering at his tip.
“Oh baby,” he whispered hoarsely as I encircled his shaft and masturbated him. “Harder baby.”
Thrills Story No. 3
‘Moving Pleasure’
(in the back of a bus)
My pussy throbbed with need. Desire ignited inside me like matches lit in quick succession. Oh yes… yes… Eric, right there…Oh my god, Eric… If the seats weren’t covered with fabric, I’d have slid right off the edge and jammed my knees against the seat in front.
Completely intent on his mission, his fingers not deviating once from their task, he eased another finger inside me to join the first, stirring up more of my juices. My body gave an involuntary little jerk. His eyes didn’t flinch as he kept his intense gaze glued to me, his fingers continuing to play sweet music inside me, his other hand making light circles around my inner thigh to add to the overwhelming sensations coursing through my body.
I let out another high-pitched, forced laugh, causing the group of girls four rows in front to turn and look at me for a moment before resuming their conversation.
“Uh-uh-uh,” he chided in a murmur as he kissed my earlobe, his fingers still circling inside me. He increased the friction with his fingers so much I had to clench my thighs together.
“Remember what I said?”
I leant into him and whispered in his ear, “You expect me to pretend like nothing’s happening when you’re doing things like this to me? Do you have any idea how close I am to coming?”
Yes.” His tone was rough. “I can feel it, and it’s driving me wild.”
Thrills Story No. 4
‘The Wet Rush
(in the ocean)
With my back to the ocean and every wave gently breaking behind me, he shoved his cock deeper into me, his eyes dark. Another small, smooth wave, another inch inside, and this time he gave me a sexy grin.
Then he pulled his cock out, and dipped his fingers into my bikini bottom, swirling them inside me like a stirrer in a cocktail.
“How about this?” he murmured.
“Yes…” I uttered breathlessly as he circled me faster. A wave bigger than the others pushed me forward, pushed his fingers deeper into me.
His thumb stroked over my clit and I didn’t care if anybody saw me come.
“I want your cock again.” My words a desperate plea.
“Your wish is my command.”
My legs were still wrapped around him, holding him tight. The waves grew choppier, but it made it easier for his cock to slide into me. We rocked together without anybody knowing that we were up to no good.
“Oh, Eric,” I rasped, tingly all over as he brought me close to orgasm with his magic fingers.
Thrills Story No. 6
‘Passion in the Dark
(in the night-club)
He sucked in a breath between gritted teeth.
Amidst his own arousal, how he was able to finger me I didn’t know. My orgasm built under his expert tuition. I parted my legs wider, encouraging him, wanting him to draw out more of my juices. The light was almost here again. I didn’t care…
I barely registered the loud music echoing around us. Tucked away in our little dark corner, it was perfect. I attuned myself to nothing except his fingers moving within me, plucking my response like fingers on a harp.
“Harder, faster,” he demanded, matching this order by fingering me faster and harder. “Oh yeah, that’s it, baby. Fuck!”
His cock twitched, thickened. Pulsed. I knew he was holding back.
He pulled out his fingers with my essence glistening on them, and coated my lips, right when the beam smothered us in harsh white light.
The light disappeared again and he lifted my dress, yanked my panties down, leant over my lap and started sucking my exposed clit, his tongue brandishing inside me like a sword in battle. He knew exactly what to do to bring me to the brink.  
Breath held, I tossed my head back, squeezing my eyes shut.
Repositioning himself, he rose and whispered in my ear. “We have about five seconds before the lights hits us. You’re so close to coming it’s driving me fucking crazy.”
Note from author: Charlotte decides half way through the story that she can finally no longer deny what’s in her heart. She wants to be more than just Eric’s sexual partner…
 (after the night-club sex session)
So this was it, my inner voice told me as I settled into my chair in a little café on George Street. My heart raced. I was no longer happy with a casual affair and he gave no indication he wanted more with me.
Tonight I would confess my feelings, put my heart on the line and risk him walking away because I wanted more than he could give. Panic settled in my chest like a boulder at the thought he could up and leave without any regrets. But I wouldn’t be deterred.
Kate’s pep-talk on the phone the morning after my wild nightclub sex had confirmed my course of action.
Maybe Eric had no idea I’d fallen for him over the past few months.
“Earth calling Charlotte.”
Eric’s voice snapped me out of my musings. “Sorry‒what?”
“I asked if you wanted some wine with our dinner.” He narrowed curious eyes my way. “Is everything okay?”
“Um, yes, everything’s fine. And that sounds good. Thank you.”
The conversation over dinner was quiet, mostly about my family and an update on the embezzlement drama. But there’d been awkwardness too after bouts of uncomfortable silence. There’d been forced conversation at other times, even from him. Had he somehow suspected what was bothering me? Our desserts in front of us, I decided I’d been chicken long enough. My hand shook as I placed my spoon on my plate. “Eric, a couple of days ago I said I had to tell you something important.” I paused, waiting for his reaction.
His eyes met mine and he placed the spoonful of chocolate pudding and ice-cream he’d been about to eat back on his plate. “Yes?” A hint of wariness sounded in his tone. Did he have any idea what was coming?
 I chewed my lower lip, scared of being vulnerable, wondering how he’d react, and knowing this could be the end for us.
He reached out and clasped my hands. “Are you okay?”
My heart thumped in my chest and I removed my hands from his grasp, instead reaching for the serviette and clutching it tightly in my fist. Gaze locked on him, I said, “Eric, I’m in love with you.” My heart stuttered. Fear, uncertainty, and hope hit me all at once. I could no longer deny the blatant truth I’d buried for so long. I licked my lips, my breathing quickening as I waited for his response. Had I blown it? Would he get up and walk out of my life?
“You…you love me?” was all he said, his eyes widening. “Really?”
Courage and boldness seeped into me. I owed it to myself to be completely honest with him. “Yes. I’ve loved you for a while and I can no longer hide it. You told me you loved me back in that Athens hospital two months ago. I never brought it up again, but now… I need to.”  
A muscle ticked in his jaw and his grip tightened on his water glass.
“While our new sexual adventure is thrilling, I want more.” There was no point shying away from the hard truths. “I don’t want us to have a casual relationship. I understand this might scare you away.” My gaze held his. “But I’m prepared to risk it, to go for what I want.” 
His gaze dropped to the melting ice-cream on his plate.
Was he wondering how to respond?
Optimistic, I waited.
When he cast his gaze back to me, a solemn look appeared on his face. “You know I’ve never been in a serious relationship before,” he remarked. “I mean I’ve had short term flings, but nothing more serious than that.”
That made sense. You couldn’t be sexy like Eric and not have females throwing themselves at you. He didn’t strike me as a man who would have to actively go looking for a good time.
I softened my voice when I spoke again. “Love scares you, doesn’t it? That’s why you’ve steered clear of it all these years.” 
He pushed his plate away and fell silent.
“Being in a loving relationship doesn’t have to be frightening,” I pointed out, hoping I wouldn’t come across like a soapbox preacher. “And I know this might be hard for you, because you’ve probably never opened up your heart to a woman.” I paused, conviction and determination taking center stage in my heart and mind. “But I need you to.”
“Or else you’ll walk away?”
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