Saturday 2 April 2016

Review: Property Of Drex #2 by CM Owens

What’s the most selfless thing you’ve ever done? What price tag would you put on the ability to save the ones you love? 
They say the worst decisions are made by the desperate or the fools. 
I was desperate enough to make a foolish decision to save my family. The cost? Me. 
They may be a motorcycle club, but in all honesty they’re really an elite unit of criminals who just happen to drive motorcycles. They’re a business. An organization. A fully functioning army… 
What I’ve learned? They work in the gray area; life and death is real; and everyone wants everyone dead. Okay, so maybe that’s dramatic… No. No it’s not. It’s legit. 
I prepared for the worst, fully anticipating hating my new life. Turns out, I finally found out where I belonged. Oh, and I discovered I’m a little twisted or crazy. Maybe both. 
Drex Caine, the man without a conscience, didn’t ruin me the way I thought he would. Instead, he made me feel like I was living instead of just waiting to live. And I can never go back to the way things used to be. 

*Graphic language 
*Sexual Content 
*Dark humor 
*NO cliffhanger in this one 
*Book one is free and must be read first. 
REVIEW: 4.5 Stars
I held off on reading the first book till the second one was released even though there wasn't a very long wait I just knew I would be pulling my hair out like I always am when ever I read a CM Owens book but even more so when there is a cliffhanger!!!!
It was so worth the wait as I was able to dive straight in & enjoy the ride.
"I explode off the side of the bed & land on my feet, WHY the hell does Drake have her?"
We arrive back at the point of Drex waking up discovering that Eve is missing due to his club mistrusting her & manhandling her which just pisses him off even more as she's his girl & everyone should respect that. Eve is with Drake laying low but the worry about Drex causes her to phone to make sure he is ok.
The relief is evident with Drex but Eve is getting stronger with him & tells him straight how she wants it to be before she'll tell him where she is.
"No other girls. If you want me, then I need to be enough." 
"That's not an issue," 

The book then takes on a roller coaster ride that will leave you with one hell of an adrenaline rush. Eve shows just how strong she really is mentally in this one and proves just how bad ass she can be, but can't shoot for shit.
"Drex left me with a gun, but let's face it, I can't hit a blind man from five feet away." And Drex that man is just a walking, talking, sexy, Protective, hard core bad boy who will take on the Devil himself to protect Eve & his Brothers.
The characters really come to life more in this book & I'm left wanting more in the Series. There are plenty of intriguing secondary characters and book 3 will be Axle's story. I'm also hoping that Snake/Jude (and Sarah), Rush (and Drex's sis??) and Dash get their stories told too!
CM Owens you can't do any wrong with your writing!! I'm beginning to think you really are part Unicorn just MAGICAL !!!!!

C.M. Owens always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to. Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments; she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings; and her dancing is downright embarrassing. Just ask anyone who knows her. Her creativity rests solely in the written word. Her family is grateful that she gave up her quest to become a famous singer.
C.M. Owens only writes romance, but she's a sub-genre whore.

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