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Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway ~ Captured by her Cougar, Cougar Creek Mates series by Felicity Heaton

New York Times best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton is here today for the book tour of her new shifter romance release, Captured by her Cougar, the second book in her brand new Cougar Creek Mates Series. Set in her popular Eternal Mates world, Cougar Creek Mates takes you into the deep Canadian wilderness to a secret place that’s home to a cougar shifter pride led by four sexy brothers, each guaranteed to steal your heart and set it racing! With all four books in the series releasing just weeks apart, this is going to be one hot summer.
Check out the book, download it with your Kindle Unlimited subscription if you have one, and be sure to enter the awesome grand giveaway happening at her website!

About the Book

In the wake of an Archangel attack on Cougar Creek, Storm is seething with a need for revenge against the hunter organisation and the key to it might be the petite blonde mortal he’s locked in his cabin, one he’s determined to make sing for him. Only the beauty has a fiery temperament to match his own, and the more time he spends with her, the more she stokes a fire inside him. One that fills him with a startling and undeniable need to make her sing in another way—in his arms.
Gabriella isn’t going to take her captivity lying down. She’s going to give the pig-headed brute holding her against her will hell until he finally believes she’s innocent. He might be a cougar shifter, but she isn’t afraid of him. Or at least she isn’t afraid of what he is. The way he affects her, the flames that lick through her whenever they’re close, terrifies her though, because the longer she’s around the towering sexy-as-sin shifter, the hotter that fire blazes, and it’s only a matter of time before it burns away all her restraint.
With the mating heat and the attack bringing cougars back to the creek, Gabriella is a complication Storm doesn’t need, but she’s one that he wants… because she might just be his one true mate.

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Captured by her Cougar is book two in the Cougar Creek Mates series by Felicity Heaton. We start straight off where Claimed by her Cougar finished.

Storm is one of Rath's brother's, we were first introduced to him in book one. When their secluded camp was attacked! Gabriella is the only one left standing of the people who attacked. Storm takes Gabriella to his cabin and won't allow her to leave. He is determined to find out what information he can get from her on the people that are threatening his family and pack. 

Gabriella's life is ruled by her brother and when he sets out on an expedition he drags her along. With the events of that day irrevocably changing her life forever. 

Storm who's name fits him perfectly left me with mixed emotions. I loved how protective he was but hated when he was pig headed! but what great reading he gave us. He does have more to him and the longer he was with his 'little bird' the more he was drawn to her, even if he tries to deny the fated mates link.

Gabrielle, although hurt by the loss of her brother is also relieved that he can no longer rule her life. And now she's free, well of him anyway! she's not about to let Storm take the place of her brother in ruling her. I loved the backbone and fight she had when it came to Storm. And i loved it when she declared the cabin was hers not his! 

Storm needed someone like Gabi to stand up to him. Giving us a great shifter romance read with a little bit angst.

I'm looking forward to the next instalments of this series.

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Storm wasn’t convinced that his Little Bird didn’t know the tune he wanted her to sing, not one bit. She hadn’t been surprised to hear him mention Archangel, which meant she knew about them, and he had no doubt she was in league with them.
Like brother, like sister.
Ivy kept vouching for her, but even Rath wasn’t buying what his mate was selling—that Gabriella was an innocent caught up in all of this.
If she was innocent, she would tell him everything she knew. She wouldn’t have a reason to keep denying him and refusing to speak.
“You know the tune, Little Bird.” He turned away from the door, strode to the couch and slumped onto it. “You just don’t want to sing it. I’m a patient man… I can wait until you break.”
He wasn’t a patient male. Not by a longshot. He was itching to open that door and scare her into speaking, but gods, some part of him couldn’t do it. He could still taste the terror that had gone through her when he had grabbed her and pulled her towards the bedroom, her fear that he had been about to violate her, and it was bitter on his tongue, had him cursing himself for causing it. He had only meant to scare her into speaking by locking her in a dark room.
Of course, Little Bird had got revenge by using the last shred of his electricity.
It was going to be a long dark night in there for her.
Storm kicked his feet up onto the coffee table between the couch and the log burner and slumped further, so he was almost horizontal as he stared at the fire. Tomorrow, he would wheel the solar panels out into the clearing and jack them in. Not for her sake though. His desire to get some juice in the batteries had nothing to do with the petite blonde ball of fury ranting in his right ear about being a prisoner.
He tried to tune her out, but fuck, she was persistent.
“I demand to know how Ivy is.” Her tone, so damned regal and oh-so-British, grated on his nerves.
No one ordered him around.
So he ignored her, let her rant until she wore herself out and went quiet. He switched the focus of his senses to her, tilted his head to his right as he felt her stillness, and listened. Her breathing was soft, even.
Little Bird had worn herself out and right to sleep.
Storm kicked his feet down, tempted to check on her. Two reasons not to sprang to mind. One, she might be trying to trick him into opening the door so she could attempt another escape. Two, he didn’t give a damn whether she was comfortable or not.
He really didn’t.
Not only was she human, but she was born of the same woman that the fuck-head Alexander had come from—a woman he was sure was involved in Archangel as much as her husband had been, and therefore had been involved in what had happened to his family and his kin.
Thirty-six years ago.
He slid his grey gaze towards the bedroom door.
Gabriella looked no older than thirty, hadn’t even been born when his parents had been brutally taken from him during the attack by the hunter organisation, but gods, he couldn’t stop himself from laying blame on her shoulders, because he needed someone to aim his anger at, the rage that had been festering inside him for close to four decades now.
Rage that wouldn’t be satisfied until he hunted down every last human who had been involved in the raid and painted his claws with their blood.
He tipped his head back into the couch, the leather creaking as it depressed, and sighed as he closed his eyes and tried to relax. His cougar side shifted restlessly beneath his skin, the pain of his memories of that night winding him tight inside, until he felt sure he would snap.
He shoved to his feet and paced, his strides clipped as he fought to work off some of the energy flooding him, aggression and pain that needed an outlet or it would drive him to shift and hunt.
He needed a run.
He hated mountains and forests, and everything that reminded him of his early years, before Archangel. Preferred big cities and fast cars, and even faster women. All the modern conveniences and concrete and glass that made this world feel like a million miles away.
But the mountains and the forests gave him one thing he loved.
Space to run.
He stripped off his t-shirt and lowered his gaze and his hands at the same time, reaching for the button on his jeans. He froze as his eyes landed on the thick scars that ran over his right hip and disappeared into the waist of his jeans, could almost feel them where they trailed down his thigh to the inside of his knee.
His heart started to pound, a heavy rhythm that rattled his ribs as fear rose to choke him and he saw blood on his bare skin, saw muscle carved open in the line of the scar and bone peeking through in places. His throat closed as he heard Cobalt’s words swimming in his ears, telling him to hold on, and saw his older brother viciously battling to protect him from the humans trying to get to him while he was weak and wounded.
Pull it together.
Storm shook off the fear and squeezed his eyes shut, clenched his teeth as he breathed through the pain, fighting to suppress it and break the hold his memories had on him. He wasn’t there now, pissing his pants and fearing for his life like a fucking cub while Cobalt went to war, his older brother’s strength more than a match for the humans while Storm’s had been inadequate because he had been seven years off sexual maturity.
Movement on his senses had him snapping back to his cabin, on high alert as alarm rang through him, the thought of coming under attack while caught up in his past and vulnerable driving him to react.
But no one was near him.
He stared at the wooden door that separated him from the human.
She shifted on his sharp senses, rolled over and moaned as she settled again.
He had been a fucking idiot for picking his cabin as her cage, but what choice had he had? The other cabins belonged to males, and some to females, and he didn’t know who was due to return for the gathering that would happen this year, one where eligible males were coming to service the needs of the females of the pride who were in heat.
Gods, he wouldn’t say no to a slice of that. He needed a good fuck. No strings attached. Just the way he loved it.
He pushed out thoughts of screwing, because it was just his hormones messing with him, the season rousing the need in him even when he couldn’t participate. His family were responsible for maintaining order during the gathering, and as much as he hated that, wanting to fuck like the next male, he relished it in a way.
Because he got to do the other thing he loved.
Plenty of males lost their heads during the gathering, jacked up on hormones and pushed to the edge by them. Storm was allowed to beat the crap out of them if they kicked off a fight that wasn’t over the right to mate with a female, which meant he got to fight at least once a day. Not gentle warm-up type fights either. He got to really let loose.
Just as he had when Alexander had landed that damned chopper on their land and tried to fuck with his family.
Storm slid his gaze back towards the door.
Towards Gabriella.
She groaned and moved again, and this time, it sounded more like a whimper. He focused. Her heartrate was off the scale too. Having a nightmare?
He didn’t give a damn if she was.
Really didn’t.
Storm scrubbed a hand over his mouth. Fuck, it had been a mistake to set up his cabin as her cage. Sure, it had been the right thing, because it would keep her safe from the other males coming to the area and it was easier for him to keep an eye on her in his own home.
But the whole place smelled of her already.
Her scent was embedded in everything, felt as if it was seared right into his soul.
Sunshine, sand and surf, with a hint of something tropical.
He snagged the red comforter from the couch, brought it to his nose and inhaled, and muttered a ripe curse as it smelled of her.
And damn, she smelled good.
Had his instincts as a male firing on all cylinders.

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Books in the Series
Book 1: Claimed by her Cougar – Available in Kindle Unlimited!
Book 2: Captured by her Cougar – Available in Kindle Unlimited!
Book 3: Courted by her Cougar (coming 8th September 2018)
Book 4: Craved by her Cougar (coming 29th September 2018)

About Felicity
Felicity Heaton
Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.
If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.
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