Tuesday 14 August 2018

BOOK Tour ~ Between the Words & Between the Lines by Linda Maze

Title: Between the Words & Between the Lines
Series: Sexy Romantic Duet
Author: Linda Maze
Genre: Sexy Romantic Erotica
Two years have passed since the successful writer, Yasmin Weizmann, published her latest bestseller. Shirley, her publisher, sets a deadline for submitting the first draft of her upcoming book and sends her to Athens in an attempt to rekindle her inspiration.
With great hesitation, Yasmin packs her cynicism alongside her bathing suit and laptop and boards a plane to Greece.
But what happens when the line between reality and fantasy blurs?
How will the story end?
The answer, as in all books, is hidden between the words.
Between the words by Linda Maze is the first part of a sexy romantic duet.

Yasmin arrived to Greece without the slightest clue how the new novel she had to write would turn out. 
Not to mention her own boring and ordinary life turned exciting and eventful in a span of only a few days. In Ethans Yasmin not only reconnected with her muse but also rediscovered her sensuality and found the key to her locked heart. Allas, now it is time to fly back home and leave it all behind, because dissimilarly to her stories’ happy endings, all good things in life must come to an end. Right? Between The Words by Linda Maze is the second and final part of a sexy romantic duet.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a movie director. This was my childhood dream. Yes, a director. Not a model, not a doctor, not a lawyer.
I wanted to make action movies, based on complicated and thrilling stories that will involve car chases, cops and criminals, crime solving and of course: an amazing and unforgettable love story.
But then life happened... and my dreams were tossed aside for more realistic ones. I developed a career as an event planner and studied to be a beautician (don't ask me how I got to that...)
As I grew older, old desires that were never really forgotten had started to burn inside of me, reminding me what I originally planned for myself when I was a kid. Book reading have been always my passion, the stories always filling my life with color, drama and imagination, until one day I decided to act up on my own dreams and passions and to combine my love for books and my lifelong dream. I started to write my own stories, because when I'm writing, I get to be the director I have always wanted to be. I get to cast the leading roles in my story, choose the location, the wardrobe... well, you get the meaning.
And when you come to read one of my books, you should know in advance... I always aim for the Oscars, baby!

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