Sunday 31 December 2017

Release & 5 ⭐️ Review - Zercy (The Nira Chronicles #2) by Kora Knight

Cover art by LAS-T
Cover text design by Jay Aheer

Emergency landing. Uncharted planet. Erotic captivity of epic proportions. Right when Captain Alec Hamlin thinks it can’t get any crazier, his team is sold to their captors’ mighty sovereign. King Zercy of the Kríe. Ruler of the planet’s most formidable species. Man, is he imposing. So regal and larger than life. And way too savagely handsome for Alec’s liking. From the first moment he laid eyes on him, he knew the Kríe was trouble, knew he needed to steer clear of him at all costs. But when Zercy chooses Alec to be his personal pet, all plans to dodge the male fall by the wayside. Alec is forced to spend each evening in the alluring king’s company, each night bound to the seductive king’s bed. Wholly at his mercy. Utterly defenseless, in his own mind and most especially his restless body. His struggle is real. Because the more Alec gets to know Zercy, the more he realizes two things. The Kríe king is damaged—unstable, not right, making him unpredictable and highly dangerous. But he is also innately kind beneath the raging storm that torments him. Kind and genuine, with a sad but beautiful soul. Something Alec fights with all he is, not to acknowledge. He can’t fall for Zercy. Zercy is the enemy. The captor of both Alec and his team. Which means Alec needs to get them out of there, before it’s too late. Before emotions overthrow logic and take control of the wheel. If only his body didn’t crave Zercy so fiercely, and his heart didn’t want him just as badly. 
With Search and Rescue due any day, and Alec’s team getting antsy, Alec is forced to make a decision. He can’t have it both ways. Is he the captain of his men, bound to obligation, or is he a man in love with a Kríe? 
Warning: Contains explicitly scorching gay sex with exotic and shamelessly kinky males of otherworldly descent.

I loved Kríe Captivity (The Nira Chronicles Book 1) and seriously couldn't wait to dive back into this sci-fi/fantasy-romance series. This colourful and captivating world has held my attention throughout and really hope there is more to come from this amazing world. Book two, Zercy, follows on from Kríe Captivity. To fully immerse yourself in the planet Nira experience, I highly recommend you read book one first. In book one we saw Captain Alec Hamlin and his team of scientists being held captive then sold on planet Nira to King Zercy.

This read gives us so much more than in book one, with the main part of this story being about Alec’s relationship with Zercy. But don't just think that, that is all of it because its so much more. Each character is so different, well-developed and facing situations that make them do things they never imagined in there wildest dreams. They have such a deep bond and so much respect for each other always putting each other first and doing what is right for the team. 

We find out so much more about the Kríe race and planet Nira and that all is not what it seems, that the Kríe are not as cruel and ruthless as they seem. While we are delving into this vibrant world you can't but fall in love, the build up of angst and deeply felt love that both Zercy and Alex feel gives us a beautiful story of drama, humour and ultimately love. Alec is torn between the feelings that are building for the Kríe King and his loyalty to his team. He is their captain and feels responsible for their wellbeing, but the more he finds out the closer he becomes to Zercy.

Kora is an amazing writer who pushes boundaries that even in a Sci-fi/fantasy-romance they seem so realistic. With well written characters that kept on developing throughout and have great chemistry this truly was a five star read for me. Zercy doesn't end in a cliffhanger unlike Kríe Captivity, it's has a very solid and beautiful HFN that leaves open doors to what may come and other species!! in the next books.

Does music add a whole new level of depth to the books you read? I honestly don't think I could write without music's help to inspire me. Check out the playlist of song muses I've compiled for Zercy, book 2. I've put them in order with the parts of the story they relate to. Maybe you can figure out which scenes in particular. 💜

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