Saturday 30 December 2017

Release & Review ~ Love the Wine You're With (Vineyard Pleasures Series #2) by Brooke E. Wayne

SPRINKLE an emotionally unavailable woman, a lovelorn man, and some delicious chemistry into the middle of the holidays then candy coat it with a whole lotta passion when a friends-with-benefits arrangement turns a vacation into an unexpected journey. 

Blanca Grazia, queen of calm, has it all under control. Headstrong. Self-reliant. Determined. She thrives on an intriguing challenge. 

So when Blanca's bestie, Maxine Novaline, begs her to distract Maxie's boyfriend's cousin while he's visiting them in Napa Valley, California, Blanca is all about stepping it up for her BFF. Hot French guy? Yes, please.

All Blanca plans on doing is the—ehem—favor. Then she'll just friend-zone Julien L'Angevin's butt all the way back home to France where he belongs. 

… Until that wrecking ball of a man decides to cash in on a favor of his own. 

All Julien wants is another opportunity to see what this wild, pint-sized, fireball of independence is actually made of. Sugar? Spice? Everything nice?

Counting on Blanca's wanderlust for worldly adventures, Julien invites her to his home in Champagne for Christmas. A traveling opportunity the American beauty can't resist. 

So what if they decide to add a little pinch of friends-with-benefits to the mix after they come face to face once more and realize their physical chemistry can't be denied?

Besides, their arrangement is only for one week. Then they'll be continents apart again, and life will go on. Right? 

LOVE THE WINE YOU'RE WITH is about a young woman falling in love one 
scintillating wine tasting at a time.

Whine with Cheese & Love the Wine You're With 
are both on sale for .99 each through the holidays! eBooks on Amazon

So this is my first read from 

Love the Wine You're With is packed with detail that you really don't want to miss. It's a read you can curl up with relax and just enjoy the the ride of Blanca and Julien its full of smart and sassy wit and twists and turns i didn't expect.

Brooke E. Wayne is definitely an author i would love to read from again her detail in writing combined with wit and humour was definitely a hit for me.

BROOKE E. WAYNE is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy novelist who lives the RomCom dream in California. She is married to a South Philly, Eagles-obsessed Italian who she met online before it was cool. They have two young daughters who flood their happily-ever-after lives with girly giggles and immeasurable love. 

When she is not dribbling sticky sweet/sensual romance with a lighthearted, witty twist all over the pages of a RomCom manuscript, she teaches English Language Arts.

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