Wednesday 25 October 2017

Release Boost - The Hover: Cedric Book 1 by C.A. Lear

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From very different worlds, sixteen-year-old Cedric of Flanders and twenty-two-year-old Pierce of England have no reason to cross paths—until one fateful day, a powerful countess commands Cedric to escort her to England in search of Pierce. Unbeknown to the boy, the countess is a scheming vampire and Pierce is prophesied to be the next master of her clan. She stands to gain untold influence and power were she to turn Pierce into a vampire and control him. But turning him proves easier than controlling him. Embroiled in the countess’s wake of death and destruction, Pierce and Cedric form an unlikely alliance and embark on a perilous quest to end her wickedness.
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CA Lear
Authors Bio:
To become, or not to become, an entomologist? That was my childhood question. Thank Buddha for word processing; I spun my insect-interest into a short story about a psychotic cockroach. I studied creative writing in community college. While at University of California in San Diego, I co-hosted a weekly poetry reading at a coffee shop in Ocean Beach and wrote my first novel. In Japan I taught English, drank sake, and wrote a sociocultural hypothesis that attempts to explain how a formerly violent Japan became peace loving and arguably the safest society on earth within a few years after the end of WWII: Admittedly, it's lacking. ​In Okayama, I wrote 893 Crows. It's about a post-graduate student who gets mixed up with the mob (yakuza) in a futuristic and occupied Japan. A while back, I finished book 1 of The Hover. It's a Gothic horror novel about a sixteen-year-old boy's struggle to survive in a world rife with monsters, and a young man's struggle not to become one. I'm currently writing Book 2 of The Hover, and editing a collection of short stories I hope to publish in a few months.
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