Friday 27 October 2017

Book Blast & Review - Truth or Lies by JA Johnston

Truth or Lies
JA Johnston

How can one decision change your whole life? 

Five-year-old Amelia just witnessed a murder. 
Not just any murder, but the murder of her mother. 
When Amelia is questioned by the police, she is asked what she saw. 

This is Amelia’s BIG decision. 

She can tell the truth as she witnessed it. 
She can lie like her father has coaxed her into. 

How can either answer change her life? 

How can telling the truth differ from telling a lie? 

Follow Amelia’s life for both, in Truth and in Lies.

Truth or Lies is the debut novel for Author JA Johnston. This really was an intriguing read so different from any other books i have read. 

The story follows Amelia's life after witnessing the death of her mother at the age of five. It all comes down to Truth or Lie one path we follow is the story if Amelia told the truth and the other if she'd lied. 

Either choice will lead her down a different path in her life and alter the rest of her life."

Each path that we read about is completely different to the other. But the thought that everyone has had at some point in there life is in that split second decision how would my life be and would i ever have meet the people around me now??

Do you believe in fate? well i do and this book covers that in an twist and turn story. Now i'm not going to spoil and delve into both paths because really to tell one would be tell the whole story. But like i said it covers what i class as fate Amelia meets the same people but in completely different circumstances. Giving us an interesting and edgy read that will keep you turning page after page to see where her path will lead her.

Amelia is the main character but again what i liked was because of the two different lives followed. We get to see both sides of a coin in each of the characters involved. For me i felt it gave so much more to the read. Because my feelings for each character became stronger and stronger. I couldn't choose which path i preferred on and that makes a great read!!

What makes this story so different is the concept. We actually get two stories within one book. I know that may not be to everyones taste but stick with it because this really is a captivating read once you adjust to the style of the book. There is a cliffhanger again which i don't mind as long as its a good one to keep me interested enough for the next book. And boy did this my heart was in my mouth with all the feels i got from this book. I'm really looking forward to the next read!! 

 JA Johnston is a native New Yorker, growing up in Queens and spending summers on Long Island. JA is a preschool teacher for twenty years. In college, she loved creative writing classes and would make up other stories, but never wrote them down, until now. 

She now lives in South Carolina with her husband, three daughters, and miniature dachshund.

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