Friday 28 July 2017

Release Blitz - Sharing Max by Holly C Webb

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          Release Day
       By Holly C Webb 

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Ella Cassidy had just one rule. Never let a guy pick her up in a bar.
That was until she met Nate. A chance meeting in a bar and Ella is completely swept off her feet by this handsome stranger, and she breaks her one golden rule.
However, the morning after the night before brings some surprising revelations, and Ella runs before she has to face what she has done.
But Ella soon finds out that she can’t run from all her problems when she is left with a permanent reminder of her one night stand. Her son, Max.
Max becomes the centre of Ella’s world and the one little piece of Nate that Ella will never lose.
When he is diagnosed with Autism, Ella is devastated, but she vows to give him the best life she can.
Just when Ella thinks that her and Max’s life is finally falling into place, Nate comes crashing back into their world and brings with him a whole load of new problems for Ella, and soon her world seems to be spinning out of control.
Can Ella and Nate find their happy ever after, or will Nate’s other life destroy Ella’s world forever?
Can she ever find happiness, Sharing Max?”

Here's some of reviews from Goodreads:

“Wow Sharing Max was amazing had me hooked from the start, couldn't put it down”.........

“I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK!! What an amazing read. Heartfelt and heartbreaking and happily ever after all rolled into one”......

“Wow my heart is in my throat tears streaming down my face what an unbelievably emotional book”.....

“Sharing Max will captivate you from the first page and send you on an emotional ride”.......

I have to give this story a 5 star!! this author just keeps on getting better. The story is really well written and the author has done her research.  Ella is the reliable friend that always makes sure her friend is ok after a night out, never one to have a one night stand until she bumps into Nate in a club. A one night stand that turns her life upside down. Parts of this story really touched my heart and it was so well written when she finds out her son has autism spectrum disorder. It took me back when my son was diagnosed and the emotions Ella was feelings where very acutely portrayed in the book and how I felt in real life. A fantastic story that breaks your heart in places. The story keeps you interested, the characters are very endearing and you just couldn't help but fall in love with them. This is a story that you could read over and over again and still enjoy it. One of the things I look for in a book because I love to read them more than once. I would highly recommend this book and check out this amazing author.  Cannot wait to see what she produces in the future❤

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