Wednesday 26 July 2017

Freebie Alert - Be The One by Nina Levine


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Here's a taste of Jett...

He slowly moves his face away from mine and drinks some of his drink. As he places the glass back on the bar, he says, “I’m Jett.”


A smile tugs at his lips. “Your parents are Elvis fans?”

“My mother is and my father is blinded by love. She could have called me Elvis and he wouldn’t have blinked.”

This inspires a laugh out of him. “Your parents are still happily married?”

“Yeah, go figure. How many marriages do you know of that are still going strong after thirty years?”

His eyes twinkle. “My parents are still happy after thirty-five years. I guess you and I are like some weird science experiment. It kinda sucks, really.”

Frowning, I ask, “Why?”

He throws the rest of his drink back, his eyes still twinkling. “When you don’t come from a fucked-up family, you can hardly blame your issues on your parents, can you? Nope, you and me, we have to own our fucking issues.”

I burst out laughing. “You are so right. Shit, pass me my drink, I can’t cope with this knowledge.”

Shaking his head, he holds my drink away from me. “Bad idea, sweetheart. You have no one to blame your alcoholism on except yourself. I suggest you give up alcohol straight away and find a new vice that’s not as socially unacceptable as alcohol addiction.”

Oh, this is fun. I raise my eyebrows. “What do you suggest?”

He doesn’t even hesitate. “Sex addiction. Take that shit up. Much easier to hide from public view. And a lot more fucking fun than dealing with hangovers.”

“I wouldn’t know the first thing about taking that up. You think you could help me with that?”

He pulls a face like it’s the hardest question he’s ever been asked. Nodding, he says, “Sure. You want to get started now?”

My core clenches at the thought, and I lean into him and say, “You’ve no idea how much I want to get started on that now, Jett.”

He sucks in a breath, and his hand curls around my neck. “You sure? Because once I’m finished with you, you’re going to have an addiction that will be hard to kick.”



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