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Release Blitz & 5 ⭐️ Review - When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann


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When Life Happened 

by Jewel E. Ann

Publication Date: June 5th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Parker Cruse despises cheaters. It might have something to do with her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister.
After a wedding day prank involving a strong laxative, that ends the already severed relationship between the twins, Parker decides to grow up and act twenty-six.
Step One: Move out of her parents’ house.
Step Two: Find a job.
Opportunity strikes when she meets her new neighbor, Gus Westman. He’s an electrician with Iowa farm-boy values and a gift for saying her name like it’s a dirty word.
He also has a wife.
Sabrina Westman, head of a successful engineering firm, hires Parker as her personal assistant. Driven to be the best assistant ever, Parker vows to stay focused, walk the dog, go to the dry cleaners, and not kiss Gus—again.
Step Three: Don’t judge.
Step Four: Remember— when life happens, it does it in a heartbeat. 


Jewel always and i mean always floors me with every read, When Life Happened is no exception. I will admit i actually finished this read a few days ago!! but i have struggled to write this review. How can i put down words to describe my feelings for this book when every time i come to do it i just keep reading over the parts i highlighted, (which is quite a lot let me tell you) and my heart breaks all over again. One word i will use for this read is BREATHTAKING!!

“He drugged her with his words, pulled her under with his confidence, and stole her innocence with a whisper”

When Life Happens will pull you in, captivate you, break your heart and rebuild it back again. Thats the power Jewel E. Ann has with the words she writes. This story is about real life as its not always black and white, there's lots of grey areas. Even though Jewel has wrote this story with morally questioning and thought provoking situations (how would i act in that situation??) it still encompasses Jewel's light, fun and amazing humour.

"I'm afraid of having everything that means nothing and nothing that means everything."

I'm not going to fill this review with spoilers of everything that happened to who and when. For me it NEEDS to be experienced i have though included some of my favourites quotes. If from reading the blurb you're thinking, this isn't for me i don't do cheating reads i urge you to give it a try. I'm not a fan of reads that contain or condone cheating but please if you take anything from reading this review is everything isn't always as it seems When Life Happens!!!

"Today is my favourite day."
"You said that yesterday."
"That was yesterday." 

About Jewel:

Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor. With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business. After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing. When she’s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.

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Twitter: @JewelE_Ann
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