Wednesday 28 June 2017

Release Blitz & 5 ⭐️ Review - Dark Master by Shana Vanterpool

Title: Dark Master 
Author: Shana Vanterpool
Genre: Erotic BDSM Romance 

Master was dark, dark, dark.

His touch.
His love.
His anger.

And soon, so was I.

Miya Reemond fell in love without knowing who Jaxon Damon really was. When she finds out that he’s a dominant in the alluring and dangerous world of BDSM, she wants nothing more than to be his submissive. Clouded by lust and obsession, she falls head first into the intoxicating and erotic lifestyle. She soon learns that love isn't easy, especially when it relies on her submission. Jax doesn’t know or do love, he only understands pain. Miya immediately turns his world upside down. She wants his heart, his good. But there isn’t any good left in him to give her.

Love doesn’t exist in his world.
She’s never had it.

Will they embrace the darkness, or will it swallow them both?

Book one in the Dark Masters Series is an erotic and sordid look into the tempting world of sexual dominance, submission, and love.

**This is an erotic BDSM romance. Not intended for readers under 18. Contains dark sexual content and a taboo romance.**

“We’ll go change your address tomorrow. Make it official. Make us official. We’re really doing this?” There was a question in his voice, a fear in his heart. “What happens when I tell you my secret, Miya? What happens when I want you more than life? And I tell you my secret and you can’t look at me any longer without seeing a victim? What happens to us?” He grabbed up my face. “What happens to me if there is no you?”
I wondered if thinking of our pasts reminded him that I did not in fact know his, and he knew mine. But all that had done for me was make me yearn for him more. He was my happy place. “Jaxon, do you know what I want all day and all night?”
“What?” His thumbs stroked my cheeks, the soft warm pads of his fingers sending tingles down my spine.
“You. I want you, Jaxon. I’ve never wanted anything in my life until I met you. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to leave you. I won’t ever see a victim and I won’t ever want anything but you. You have to trust me, my dark master, the same way I have to trust you.”
He sighed, letting me go and heading into the house. “Trust is not something I understand.”

Shana Vanterpool has such away with words. She always slay's me from the very first page of her stories, hell the preface of this one dragged me in. Gripped my heart and hasn't let go!!

"I couldn't help pulling her beautiful crushed pink petals off one by one, grinding them in my fists to smell their sweet scent."

Now before i go on there is a **Warning this IS a DARK BDSM read** it really isn't for the faint hearted. If you're easily offended and find very strong scenes of control and domination uncomfortable then this might not be a read for you. 

If you have read any of Shana's books before, you know her writing even her dark reads are full to bursting with beautiful words and Emotion!! Their heart wrenching, gritty, captivating reads. And if you haven't had the pleasure and can see past the domination in this one you're in for an amazing ride of a read!! 

"There was only us, and this beautiful shade of darkness"

I'm not going to delve into all of this read because frankly, i wouldn't know where to begin and stop. I could talk about every page and that still wouldn't be enough said about this read. I will say that each one of these characters intrigued me, even the bitch Vega (when & if you read you'll understand why bitch) I wanted more and more about each of these tortured souls. Their story definitely left me with a book hangover and i need the next part like i need to breath. I understand why their story has to be in two books anything less wouldn't give you so much depth and feeling. And from this book i just know there is still so much more to come.

Shana i love your reads, what i wouldn't give to step into your head for even just a minute you blow me away each and every time.

Romance author, coffee drinker, and bad boy aficionado. Every second not spent breathing is an opportunity to write and read. I live in Northern California with my family and actress dog, Halle Bella. (Just Bella when she decides to cut the crap.) Escaping with a good book is something I live for and I write so others can do the same.

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