Sunday 29 May 2016

Review: Nightstalkers, Season #1 by Stuart Meczes

Title: Nightstalkers 
Season 1: Episode 1
Author: Stuart Meczes

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A tense post-apocalyptic horror novel, broken into 5 episodes of around 30,000 words, released monthly. 

It was meant to bring peace, instead it brought only chaos. 
The world is slowly being brought to its knees by an unknown virus. Those who survived the first few weeks are forced to eek out an existence full of constant danger and fear, whilst they reflect on their past. Some work together, others live lives of solitude, always moving and always taking what they need, no matter the cost. But all of those who remain in the decaying ruins of London each pray for the same thing - that when the sun rises in the morning, they will be alive to see it. 

Because when night falls, things stir in the darkness.

Stuart Meczes is a new author to me as is a Horror read but I'm an avid reader and will give any genre ago. Was I nervous Yes but only by the Horror aspects of the book, but I'm so glad I did I really enjoyed this book this is down to the Authors writing which flows seamlessly with a fantastic Imagination and use of words, this is a great start to the Episodes.
The story is set in London England and is most definitely a Horror/Dark read (Read the Authors note at the beginning of the book before you start)  and goes back and forth from now and then, I don't mind this within a story as I find reading about the past gives the story more back bone and strength and with Stuarts writing this really worked not everyone can do that within a story and I sometimes find myself getting lost but that didn't happen here it gave more understanding of the situations the main character AJ found himself in.
AJ is released from prison and the world around him has changed due to the Sundown Virus. He now finds himself surviving alone in this new violent scary world.
This is a short read hence it being told in Episodes but don't let this deter you and I don't want to give to much of the story away.
This is a dark gripping heart pounding read and 
I would most definitely recommend this book and this Author even if its not your normal genre of reading take a chance you may surprise yourself and in turn find a new Author to your liking.

Arc Gratefully Received For An Honest Review 

About The Author
Stuart Meczes 
Stuart was born in South London, England, but now spends his time in the quaint city of Worcester. 

After getting fed up of high pressured rat race of big city work, he decided to pursue his dream of writing. As soon as he started, he knew there was no going back. He quit his job and re-entered full time education to get a better understanding of the writing process. 

He achieved an upper first class degree in English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham in 2013. Now he writes full time, creating novels, short stories and even the occasional blog on his website Feel free to send him an email, he loves replying to them - it fuels his procrastination. 

From Stuart - To all of you who have purchased any of my books, I am so very grateful. It's because of your support that us indie writers can keep going. Thank you.

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