Tuesday 24 May 2016

Release Blitz & Review: The Dom Games by Rachel Robinson

Title: The Dom Games
Author: Rachel Robinson
Publication Date: May 23rd
Ten submissive women. One billionaire dominant.
Three months competing for his “affections.”
One winner takes all.

Dominic Reed, heir to an oil fortune, has spent his entire adult life perfecting his dark hobby. With little control in every other area of his manicured life, he finds his release as a dominant. With more money than he knows what to do with, he creates a TV show: The Dom Games.
This year is different than the past seasons, this year Dominic will be the star. He wants a forever submissive.
Before last month Kayla Parchet thought the word submissive only referred to dogs. Fresh out of college with a business degree that is scrap paper, she needs to get an Ivy League masters degree to pursue her dreams. When Kayla is accepted to be one of the ten, her world takes a dark turn as she competes against women who live the submissive lifestyle for enjoyment. Can she hold on to her dreams long enough to win the competition and ten million dollars? Or will she get sucked into Dominic’s twisted world?
Only a few whips and canes stand between Kayla and the future she’s always desired.
Lights, camera, sex…
Rachel Robinson is a new Author to me and I enjoyed her style of writing and will definitely read more from her. When I read from the sign up about this book I was very intrigued it got me that this is something that I could actually see coming to life either via the web or tv. After finishing this book I most definitely could see this happening in time but would I watch.....
If your a fan of reality tv and this had a somewhat similar feel to the Bachelor, all be it one hell of a KINKY and SEXY Bachelor then this could be a great read for you. I think most will compare from the bachelor to fifty shades but if your expecting some meek quite submissive you couldn't be further from the truth with Kayla she knows nothing of this life style and with her sass and wit I knew we would be in for fireworks. Dominic who's the Dom for this years games is also the owner of the company is looking for a forever sub but still wants some fire to his sub and this is why Kayla catches his eye over all the other subs.
I try not to give away to many spoilers and really don'y want to with this read, this book has a unique premise it has the erotic scenes we'd expect from a book that contains BDSM but also has humour, love, friendship & heartbreak. The Dom Games kept me entertained and on the edge just enough.
I can really see this book being a love or hate book, I for one loved it. And to answer what I asked earlier would I watch...
Well hell yeah why not!!!!


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Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.


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