Monday 24 October 2016

Release Blitz - Kindred Box Set by Scarlett Finn

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He's mysterious and alluring,
Dominant and powerful.
He keeps her grounded,
And lets her fly.

After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives. Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent evil from murdering innocent civilians.
Raven guides her, shields her, and seduces her…
Now Zara has to protect her heart while saving the world.


She’s strong and dedicated,
Committed and selfless.
She needs her touchstone,
But Raven’s not the same.

Reeling from the impact of recent tragedy, Raven isn’t as focused as the Kindred need him to be. When old enemies return without showing any respect, timetables at McCormack Manor change. The danger hasn’t dwindled. Only her Love has the strength and the ability to steer them through. He has to excel in his dominance or they may never survive.

Zara needs to fight to close ranks and to take her rightful place in the outfit without any hitches. She’s different now, faster and more dedicated. Her loyalty will be tested. In the name of the Kindred, she must do things she never thought she’d be capable of.


She’s shrewd and unforgiving,
Focused on her own agenda.
Her motives are selfish,
And she always gets her man.

Zara’s existence is unrecognizable from life before Raven. Given all they’ve lost, the Kindred are still trying to find their rhythm. Except when an almost impossible-to-refuse bid for Game Time comes in, they have to get their shit together fast.

Raven is hesitant, Swallow is sure, and Swift is right in the middle. Facts they’d always accepted as sacred are suddenly called into question. With the truth no longer certain, they have to be willing to do whatever it takes to rewrite history.

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.

Spreading her arms the width of her bed, Zara steadied her breathing. All she could do was try to obtain more information. Except she’d tried to approach Grant and every time he stonewalled her. Grant wasn’t interested in her input, he was in league with the terrorists and happy about it.
Raven was an option. She could confess all to him and pray that he didn’t take the information and bolt. She still didn’t know quite how he fit into this scenario or whose side he was on. People always said that serial killers looked like everyone else. Maybe the same was true for terrorists. They didn’t walk around wearing a button declaring their intent and they could probably be charming… not that Raven could be accused of that.
“What did I tell you?”
Recognizing the ease of his now familiar tone, Zara rolled her head to the side in time to see the floor lamp illuminate. Raven was seated in the corner chair as she’d anticipated he would be. Closing her eyes, she returned her head to its original position.
“Naughty,” Raven said. “I said you were a naughty girl, didn’t I?”
“What do you want?” she grumbled.
“Haven’t decided yet,” he murmured. His husky voice made her shiver, even with the heat of the shower still clinging to her skin, but the mental exertions of the day left her too drained to think about seduction.
“I’m not in a sexy mood. Can you come back tomorrow?”
“Busy tomorrow.”
“How long have you been sitting there?” she asked, rolling her head and peeking at him out of one eye.
“Long time,” he said. “You should probably turn on the lights when you’re walking into your bedroom naked.”
Rocking onto her side, she supported her head with a hand under her hair. “This may come as a surprise to you, Rave. But other men don’t sneak into my bedroom to skulk in the dark.”
“I prefer to think of it as loitering with intent,” he said.
The lamp went off and the sound of movement preceded his silhouette emerging in the frame of her window. Tipping her head back to look at him, Zara couldn’t make out his features, but could tell that he was taking off his tee shirt.
“Uh, what do you think you’re doing?” she asked, but he had already dropped onto the bed beside her.
One of his arms came around her ribs and he hauled her closer while his head fell to sample the line of her throat exposed beneath her supporting arm. “You opened the door,” he said, tracing his lips back and forth on her jaw line. “Until you tell me it’s closed again. You’re fair game.”
“I’m fair, what?” she asked, smacking his shoulder.
“You get as physical as you want,” he said. Rushing forward, he tackled her onto her back and pinned her down. With his hands on her upper arms, and his shins over her legs, she couldn’t move.
“You’re a physical guy,” she said. “You understand the physical.”
“Want me to teach you?” he asked.

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Having known from a young age that writing was her passion Scarlett has spent large portions of her life dreaming up men, and women, and putting them together to see what they get up to.
"The characters write the story. I just get it down on paper for them."
Finding her solace in books, reading and writing, have been her eternal companion through all the highs and lows in her life.
Now is time to let the characters flourish and to live forever as she shares them with you.
Good luck on your adventures.



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