Tuesday 27 March 2018

Release Blitz ~ Duke by Jax Hart

Title: Duke
Author: Jax Hart
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2018
She's his obsession.
He's her downfall.
Raised in a remote town by men who would die for her, Shanna can't wait to escape years of being babysat by the archaic mentality of the men her father's MC. They live by a code. A code she's done being part of.
But even in isolated places... there are people dying to take you down.
Duke and Shanna must decide if they are going to fight for their love or watch it crash and burn when both of them are forced to make choices they can't come back from.
How far would you go for love?
I stopped in on a whim to see the old dive bar where my old man used to spend his days--getting drunk with his boys from the MC. But when I walked in and saw her... I knew I would be back and not just for anot
her round, but to make Shanna mine. 
She's asking for trouble teasing me the way that she does. 
She's made a mistake.
A bad one.
I'm not like the pathetic boys at her college. I'm an ex-marine, and I'm gonna make my BAD GIRL pay. 
But I wasn't expecting her to put up a fight. Taming her just might be the biggest battle I've faced yet, but I'm determined to make it the sweetest victory for us both.
She's my angel, but I'm her devil. 
Together we're gonna burn.
“Excuse me?
“You heard me. CUT THEM OFF.”
I stare back at him for a few beats astonished. This man has the nerve to sit at my bar, silently staring at me for two weeks without uttering a single word, and now he’s speaking to me for the first time just to tell me what to do— in my own goddamn place?
I don’t think so.
Ignoring him, I turn my back, intentionally pouring more shots for the rowdy group. The amount they put on their tab so far is enough to put me well into the black this month and then some.
They are annoying but harmless.
I’ll let them get liquored up and make sure they all get into the hired car waiting at the curb outside. I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to handle myself and my bar.
My name falls from his lips like a curse or prayer; maybe a combination of both.
Raising one eyebrow, I turn to look at him over my shoulder…daring him… challenging him to say anything else to me.
“What? Do you need another shot of bourbon?” I smile sweetly.
He crooks a finger at me, signaling me to come closer.
But I’m not stupid.
I’m not getting within two feet of him.
But when Meat signals me, I feel like I have no choice. Meat is loyal and has been nothing but good to me, I can’t snub him just because Duke is sitting right next to him.
I slowly walk over, intentionally leaning my elbows on the bar so my shirt dips good and low, planting my cleavage right in front of his face.
The lacy edges of my bra greet him and I can’t help but notice how his hungry eyes devour every inch of my exposed flesh.
Before I can blink, he has me.
He moves fast for a man of his size. He caught me off guard; I’m alarmed.
I would never survive in a bar like this... in a life like this if I had slow reflexes and bad instincts but I never saw his move coming.
He has me.
With one hand, he traps both of mine flat on the bar. He leans in. His face brushes mine as he whispers, “I told you to cut them off. You’re a bad girl, Shanna and you will pay for this... ”
He’s still a breath away and lowers his gaze to my breasts.
Holy Hell.
It takes everything in me to pretend this isn’t affecting me; that he’s not affecting me, as he moves his head and I feel his breath on my skin.
He kisses my throat and I feel the tip of his tongue lick the hollow between my breasts, then he blows where he touched. Goosebumps break out on my skin.
“I’m going to suck these sweet tits someday soon Shanna. Don’t test me.”
“Yeah, keep telling yourself that. You and every other man in here can think about my sweet tits all night. You can look but you can’t touch Masters. I’m my own woman. No one tells me what to do in my own goddamn bar. Now get your meaty hands off me before I have Federico haul your ass out.”
He laughs low in his throat while one thumb massages the soft skin under my wrist. As he rubs back and forth, I just know it’s the same stroke he uses when rubbing his woman.
My lips fall open.
I feel myself weakening.
The tingle grows between my thighs... an image of this beast of a man touching me fills my head.
“Know this Shanna—I will be your master. I’m going to tell you to drop to your knees and take me into your mouth—and you’re going do it. You’ve taken this too far. Dressing like this, putting your ripe body on display. You’ve waved the flag in front of the wrong bull, sweetheart. I’m seeing red...  and your sweet naked body under mine."
I jerk back, but he holds me fast. My heart’s pounding as the images of him doing all this to me makes me terrified of my own feelings. If any other man said this to me I'd smack the shit out of them.  
I rub my legs together feeling the stickiness between them. Gasping, I throw my head back as he pours his shot of bourbon down my neck and drinks it off my body. A puddle pools, hitting my bra and I moan when his long tongue swirls down to lap and licks every last drop off my skin.
I vaguely hear the cat-calls behind me.
I've lost the battle but now need to win the war.
I’ve never lost control or show any outward sign of weakness, but Duke Masters has just destroyed in two minutes what it took me two years to build.
“Dick,” I whisper.
“Yes, I plan on filling you with my dick baby and you know what? You are going to love every inch of it.”
He finally pulls back, releasing my hands and leans back in his seat.
“Get the fuck out of my bar.” I hiss.
“Not a chance sweetheart."
Jax Hart: Singer, a songwriter, living creatively through art. Dirty Romance author from the great state of Washington. Duke is his first full-length novel. He generally hates most people, plays the bass guitar, and enjoys camping trips with his son. 

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