Monday 26 March 2018

COVER REVEAL ~ Ana's Redemption BY Jessa Stephens

Title: Ana's Redemption 
Author: Jessa Stephens
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 27th 

In the real world, pain can be inflicted on someone until they seek an escape.
For Ana, enough was enough. She left a house of abuse. Her hope was for a better future. She sought out a happy and peaceful life.
Just when her life begins, someone wants to take it away.
As Ana prepared to graduate from college, the memories of the past haunted her. She had built a wall around herself, it was a wall so massive she was sure not to ever be hurt again.
Zane and Ana went to college together. He was her best friend. When he graduated before her, it was then she became aware of the feelings that swelled inside her.
Zane craved more than friendship with Ana. He couldn’t allow her to be drug into a world of pain. His father was a scandalous man, he invariably launched abusive attacks against anyone who dared to challenge him.
Zane had to disassociate himself from his father to protect everyone’s very existence. This wasn’t an option, it was a necessity.
When they reunited, Ana’s emotions continued to bloom. Ana’s life was at jeopardy. Would she have the opportunity to tell him how she felt about him? Was Zane the reason they were after her? Did he have a dark soul despite his efforts not to be like his father?,h_122,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/7645da_3cfa29cf0b7a4f65b093d68eed7b9986~mv2_d_3175_1706_s_2.png

Jessa Stephens was once a victim. Never again.
Not only is she a survivor, Jessa is a survivor on a mission.
Her mission is to work and support those who desire to help themselves.
"You can't force someone who is not ready to receive help, get help. However, you can give them things to think about and speed up that process." ~Jessa
Jessa Stephens is a speaker, life coach, and author.
There’s not a specific case she has met that has astounded her.
“We are all unique; the way we think and process those thoughts are unique." ~Jessa
Jessa works side-by-side with you through the origin of the issue. Together, the barrier (the wall you've built around yourself) can be overthrown and crushed.
In her ten (10) plus years’ encounter, no situation has ever been the same as another person's. 
Each case fuels her dedication, it drives her to assist more individuals travel from victim to survivor. 
Those taboo subjects—topics people prefer to sweep under a rug and pretend they never took place—drag them out. She will help them get addressed. 
"Until you deal with the core of the problem—nothing changes. Life is about choices; choices make a change." ~Jessa
In her writing, Jessa empowers victims, releases them to be strong. They already have an abundance of strength, but they're unable to see it. She hopes her writing gives the inner strength to help victims take that first step to becoming a survivor.

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