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Release Blitz & Review - Code Red, The Sierra View Series #2 by Max Walker

Caleb Forester, a charming nurse with a trademarked smile, is having a fine time at life. He left a terrible situation and found himself in a much better one at Sierra View, and for that, he was constantly grateful. He would have been perfectly fine without any waves rocking his boat. 

Everything was just… fine. 

Red Miller is the actor everyone wants to see on the big screen. Aside from having an overflowing bank account, Red was rich in charisma and sex appeal. From the outside looking in, anyone would have thought the action star and billionaire heir lived a great life with his girlfriend and millions of adoring fans. 

The tidal wave came the day Red and Caleb first met, wiping out both their boats and showing them there was much more to life and love than they let themselves believe. 

Caleb must now reckon with his past while Red with his future. When outside forces from all sides start pushing in, they both must find the strength to stop from crumbling or end up breaking from the pressure. 
Code Red is the second book in the Sierra View series, although they can be read in any order. It's a full-length, steamy gay romance and has no cliffhangers.

Code Red is the second book in The Sierra View series. It is a standalone, although we met Caleb who was a cheeky fun filled nurse in the first book. You do not need to have read Code Silver to enjoy this read. But you will be missing out on a great read with Dean and Noah's story! 

Even though it was only a brief meeting in book one. I fell in love with Caleb's Character instantly and couldn't wait to see where Max Walker would take him. He was flirty and cheeky and i was glad that Max kept him that way.

Caleb's day was the same as always when at home, watching his beloved Judge Judy. When he receives a phone call he never in a million years would have expected to receive. A production company are looking for a nurse to deliver a few lines on a film they are producing hoping a real nurse would be better. But what shocked Caleb even more is when he finds out who he will be delivering the lines too it's none other than the famous and swoon worthy Red Miller!!

Red Miller is the hottest actor around and not just in the looks department. He's in demand you would think he's as happy as he could be. But thats the thing with fame it often mask's who we really are. Red Miller is hiding who he truly is, he's in the closet and its not his choice. He's been made to feel that if he was to come out that his life and career would be over. Fear is crippling and feeling like you'd loose everything family, friends your career is enough to keep Red from coming out. That is until he meets the sexy nurse on set and they instantly connect. This funny nurse is breaking through his fear and he wants more! he wants HEA with Caleb!!

I loved Red and Caleb i fell hard for both these characters. This read had everything i wanted just enough angst to keep me turning the pages. Characters i loved and characters i wanted to slap!! Through Caleb's support, understanding and then love Red found his happiness. They both faced the people who tried to split them apart together and were stronger for it.  

Max Walker all ways writes stories with and even balance of everything. I enjoy that he puts fun within his reads there not all doom and gloom. Life is full of ups and downs and often the silliest of moments are the ones that seal our hearts.
I look forward to the next read from Max again from the small snippet we got of Crow i'm again excited to see where he takes this!!

Max Walker writes from a cozy apartment (or during breaks at the dreaded day job) for the pure escape of it all. Since the age of 14, he was constantly getting lost in fantasy worlds with trips on the backs of dragons or voyages across the stars. When he isn't writing, you can probably find him cuddling with his calico cat who might actually think she's a dog (with all that constant tail-wagging).

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