Saturday 25 February 2017

Book Release & 5 ⭐️ Review - Sylvie by K. Langston





Will she ever find a way to overcome the guilt? 

The anger.

The pain. 

Healing seems impossible. 

Moving on...


Until him. 

He's the only one who can save her. 

But it comes with a heavy price.

Sylvie is newest standalone from K. Langston and to say this book will break your heart is an understatement. This is a story of friendship, love, heartache, tragedy and a learning journey to love and happiness. We all know life isn't a bed of roses and for Sylvie this is most definitely true.  Thats what i loved about this book i felt invested in all these characters even Dean, with all his faults he just wanted to be loved.

"Because when two hearts are meant to be one, they always find a way."

Sylvie and Linc have been best friend's since they were very young, as their friendship grew so did their love for each other but neither one had the courage to speak the words they felt. What happens next is truly heartbreaking and no i'm not saying and spoiling this part. 
Years later finds Sylvie a single mum living in the same town as she grew up in her life is hard and a struggle day to day. Working in a diner the one person she never thought she would see again is sitting waiting for her to take his order.....

"Have you decided what you want yet?"
"Yeah, i know what i want, Sylvie."
"What'll it be?"

This story is told in a past/present format i know thats not to everyones taste but with this book it really worked. Leading us right up to the point of truths being told, it added more depth and feelings. And with this being such an emotional read it gives you a chance to get yourself together before the next emotional pull.

I honestly couldn't put this book down the emotions i felt while reading had me in tears one minute and my heart in my mouth the next. To anger, devastation then happiness for how life can be so cruel one minute then beautiful the next.

 Thank you K. Langston for delivering a beautiful contemporary romance, that has my heart aching and soaring again as i write this review. 

 K lives in the deep south with her husband of 16 years, their two children and fur babies, Sadie and Birdie. She released her debut novel Because You're Mine in September 2013 and has since released three follow-up books in the MINE series. Her newest series, Brothers in Blue, is packed full of romance and suspense and features six alpha brothers. 

She was also a contributing author to the USA Today Bestselling anthology, F* tragedy Awkward and co-wrote Unlawful Justice with fellow author and friend, KC Lynn. 

Oh, and she had dinner at Colleen Hoover's house once. 

Where she stole a roll of toilet paper as a souvenir. 

Because she's the shit. 

Her most recent release, Sylvie is a standalone contemporary romance about a woman fighting to survive life. 

And love. 

When she's not penning her next story, you can find her nose buried between the pages of a good book or she's on social media because look. SQUIRREL!! 

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