Wednesday 23 November 2016

Release Boost & Review - Playing Dirty by Mickey Miller

Title: Playing Dirty
Author: Mickey Miller
Genre: New Adult/Sports Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2016



Pulling in eight figures a year as star pitcher for the Chicago Jaguars, there's no shortage of parties, booze, and women. I'm a beast on the mound and between the sheets but when my social media presence becomes a maor problem, the team’s owner brings in a PR expert to clean up my image. Andrea Diggers is the complete opposite of every girl I’ve ever met. She’s smart, classy, and completely off limits. Which makes me want her even more. I’ve always loved a challenge, and Andrea has no idea I'm about to get her to play...on my terms.


Cleaning up Jake Napleton’s image may be my hardest assignment yet, and not just because of the secrets he keeps deeply buried. Working alongside the six-foot-six arrogant, filthy-mouthed man is a challenge in restraint. He screams poster-boy for favorite mistakes with his chiseled abs and rippling muscles. And I want to take him up on every dirty word he’s said. But he’s not the only one with something to hide. Our attraction may be immediate. Potent. Dirty. But is it enough to withstand our shadowed pasts? 

*Playing Dirty is a full length sexy standalone with an HEA.*

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CONGRATULATIONS Mickey Miller on Playing Dirty, your Debut Novel and what an amazing first book you have written. I love a good Sports Romance and for this being a Debut book i was shocked at how well it was written it flowed it never dragged and it held my attention throughout, from the build up of the characters to the climax of the story to the ending which completed the journey, not once did I want to put it down.

Playing Dirty is told in a Dual Point of View of Andrea Diggers and Jake Napleton. Jake is the bad boy of the baseball world and Andrea who is a social pr agent is set the task of cleaning up his very public image.

"He needs to learn the difference between a private and a public life"

Jake and Andrea have instant chemistry with great banter and insta-lust. I love the build we get with these two with the push and pull of them both trying to get the results the want. The way their pasts were incorporated within the story worked for me we got just enough detail to know how they got to where they were in life.
Jake was the all Alpha Male but his softer side that he doesn't let people see that often will have you swooning and Andrea was sweet and sassy both being guarded and putting a front on for the world. But can two people from completely different walks of life with all of their scars, fears, and secrets somehow manage to find all of the answers in each other? Will they fall apart when the going gets tough and strike out....
or will they play dirty together and hit the winning home-run?
This really was a great book that I definitely recommend!! And I can't wait to read more from this author! Fantastic debut!

Author Bio

Mickey Miller is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about hot, possessive alpha males and intelligent, sexy, badass women. His favorite bad boys to write about include athletes, ex-cons, billionaires and that sexy badass around the corner. When he's not busy working on his next release you can find him traveling, playing sports, or doing improv in Chicago.

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