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Release Blitz & REVIEW ~ Knights Corruption Complete Series by S. Nelson



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Knights Corruption Complete Series ebook cover 

  With the weight of the club on his shoulders, Cole Marek, president of the Knights Corruption MC, has only one choice:   Turn their livelihood legit. Everything is falling into place until one unexpected, fateful night.  With an attack on his fellow brothers, Marek has no choice but to retaliate against their sworn enemy.  The events that follow will test every member of the KCMC, each thread of their sanity plucked apart until all that is left is an irrefutable thirst for revenge.  

“Intense, passionate reading.”
“With every new book in the series, THAT man became my new favorite! I LOVED this series!” “This series is amazing and raw!! Loved every second of it.” 
  “Each and every book made me fall in love with the men of the Knights Corruption that much more!” 
  “Dangerous men… sizzling heat... strong women... lust and love... These make up the heart of this amazing series!”
“The Knights Corruption series is a game changer. There is no escaping the sexy, gritty bikers who will claim and devour you, unravelling you from the very first page.”

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Marek (Knights Corruption MC #1)

S. Nelson says at the beginning of the book: Not for the faint of heart. There is some very graphic depictions of various acts of violence throughout Marek. So the warning is there so take heed.

Marek is the President of the Knights Corruption MC, he's trying to take his club and brothers in a cleaner and legitimate direction. But before he can do that, there are debts to be settled and rivals to be broken. Marek has found a way to make one of his enemies pay, he's bringing them down and in doing so he takes what he thinks is there club's Princess there presidents daughter. Taking Sully brings forth something Marek never expected he'd have when it came to a woman. He decides to make her his in a split second decision, now he just has to keep her safe... after all that's what a husband does right?

I enjoyed this story, it had a good gritty storyline, with good secondary characters. I'm looking forward to jumping straight into the next book in this series.

Stone (Knights Corruption MC #2)

After meeting Stone and Adelaide in Marek the first book of this series, I couldn't wait to jump into their story. I will say these books do need to be read in order to follow the on goings of this club.

Stone is the Knights of Corruption MC's, VP he's broody and often bad tempered at times. The club is still in the process of going legit, it’s a difficult route to take but Marek is determined with the backing of his brothers to make things right. 

Adelaide is a nurse and one of the club brothers niece, she's called in to help when one of them needs patching up. Stone has had his eye on the sassy nurse for a while, but her uncle has told all the brothers that Addy is off limits!! But Addy is drawn to Stone just as much as he is to her. Good job Stone doesn't care about her uncles threat because nothing and no one is going to stop him from making her his! 

Their emotions and love are tested to their limits in this great rollercoaster ride of an MC series. Bring on book three! 

Jagger (Knights Corruption MC #3)

Jagger is my favourite so far of the first three books. He's younger than the first two male characters, and there's just something about him that draws you too him. Even though he's had a rough childhood, he still has an innocence and sweetness to him, which I fell in love with. 

Jagger is the fighter out of the MC, he gets paid for fights. After one of his fight's, he finds two girls being harassed by the guy he just beat in the ring. One of the girls is arguing with him while the other one is shrinking back, but it's her that has caught Jagger's attention. 

When Jagger becomes Kena's protector she can't help but feel a little amore'd  with him. But there's a problem with this, she knows nothing could ever happen between them. See Kena lost the ability to speak when she was a baby due to an illness affecting her larynx. 

It was beautiful to see how Jagger instantly became protective of Kena. He never saw her disability to speak a problem, he saw right past that and saw Kena for the beautiful person she was. He was never going to let anything get in the way of being with her. Anything he had to face to over came for her.

Throughout this series we still have the ongoing threat to the club being an issue. Which is running along with each story at a great pace and grit. Looking forward to book four. 

Tripp (Knights Corruption MC #4)

Tripp is been quite the comedian in the last three books, more with winding Stone up over Addy. Like i have said in my other reviews of this series they do need to be read in order or you will not be able to follow and fully enjoy the Knights Corruption to it's fullest.

Tripp's story was quite fast paced for me, i still enjoyed the book but i just didn't love it like i loved Jagger's story. He meets Reece while she is stripping at the legit club that the MC runs. She comes into some trouble when one of the customers thinks he can take what he wants just because he paid for a dance. Tripp comes to Reece's rescue and instantly wants to protect her, move her into his house and changes her job within the club from stripping to bar tending. 

Now i still did enjoy this story but it was just a little over the top for me. It's still a great addition to this MC series, with the continuation of the clubs struggles.

Ryder (Knights Corruption MC #5)

After Tripp's book i wasn't sure how the ending to this series was going to go. But i loved it, it has brought everything to head we get all our answers and happy endings. If you have been following this series you will know that Ryder and Braylen, met in Jagger's book.

Ryder and Braylen make a great couple they had great push/pull chemistry. Ryder has a dark passed and doesn't open up very well and Braylen just wants to know more and be there for him. He needs to be in control in all situations, and she has a very sassy mouth and lives to make him lose his mind. 

All this gives us quite the story to fall in love with and brings everything together, in a spectacular and perfect way for this MC read. All in all this has been quite the series with lots of gritty moments. But also moments you will feel in your heart i would recommend the series on a whole. I don't think you could start these reads in any order and enjoy them they must be read in order to enjoy to there fullest.

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  S. Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until 2013.  Her passion to create was overwhelming and within a few months she’d written her first novel, Stolen Fate. When she isn’t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can.  She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.

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