Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Release Blitz & Review ~ Grace Between Mercy by S. Ferguson


Grace Between Mercy, an all-new dark and gritty romance from S. Ferguson is LIVE!

Once upon a time, killer recognized killer.
Kella is a hunter. It was the only way to survive on the streets—and it feels good. She’s never met a threat she couldn’t handle. Never stalked prey she couldn’t destroy.
And then she met the big, bad Ron Wolfe.
He rules all the darkest corners of this city. And he doesn’t have any soft spots left for little girls. Any pain in his past became armor long ago.
In a town where everyone is hiding something, the only magic is survival.
Fairytales are for children, and happy endings are lies. Some have to learn to make do with glimmers of hope, shining between grace and mercy.

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GRACE BETWEEN MERCY is S. Ferguson's third novel, it is a standalone read, But to enjoy to the fullest i would and can highly recommend reading her two previous books. SOMETHING THERE IN BETWEEN and BETWEEN THE SECRETS as there are characters that are inter woven between the three books.

"There is no grace, there is no mercy"

Ron Wolfe run's his area, nothing happens without his knowledge. While he is feared by most and what he does is criminal he also keeps the town in check and relatively safe. He's not the only one ridding the street's of lowlifes. Ron knows about "The Grace Killer" they are both killers, it takes one to know one. But when he gets a message sent from the grace killer he decides he now has a new agenda he wants her working for him.

Kella is a spitfire a force to be reckoned, she never has and never will need anybody. So she won't go down without a fight when Ron demands that she now work for and with him. Growing up in foster care constantly watching her back has left her with deep scars. She won't admit that she is broken thinking she can and will take on everything and everyone. Ron may know she needs saving but will he be her saviour or her downfall. 

"This is a man in charge. This is the Ron of legends. This man will make your life, or break it."

Grace Between Mercy was everything i wanted from Ron and Kella story. It was gripping, dangerous, intense sexual chemistry and oh sooooo good. I have loved this debut series and have fallen hard for each of these's strong and broken characters. I can't wait to see what comes next from S. Ferguson on a whole. And i'm really intrigued on how Alex's story is going to be told will this character be able to redeem himself. Now your wondering who's Alex's well get to reading and find out!!


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Something There In Between

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About the S. Ferguson:

S. Ferguson

S. Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

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