Tuesday, 13 February 2018

RELEASE Blitz & 5 ⭐️Review ~ Mating Games by NIkki Jefford



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  A FEMALE GUARDING HER HEART . . . Hot-tempered, agile, and jaded, Jordan spurns the match her father is pushing between her and the swaggering mammoth, Raider. She'd happily let one of her fawning sisters have him, but her packmates are taking bets on who Raider will ultimately claim. Jordan wants nothing to do with the insufferable beast . . . until he saves her life. A MALE CARRYING THE WEIGHT OF HIS PACK . . . All brawn and no brains, that's what most male shifters think when they see Raider. The females treat him as a strong, attractive prize they want to sink their claws into. Only one female avoids him, which is fine with him until they are paired up for patrol. The hot-blooded she-wolf doesn't have to like him, but she'll have to find a way to perform her duties. ENTANGLED IN A WEB OF DECEIT . . . AND DESIRE When Jordan's life is threatened, along with several packmates, the mating games take a dangerous turn. Something sinister is happening in Wolf Hollow and outside forces threaten the impassioned bond forming between two shifters fated to be together.

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Wolf Hollow was my first read from Nikki Jefford and i fell so far down the rabbit hole i never want to come out. I fell in love with her style of writing and the absolutely captivating world she created. When i found out that there was to be a series of books i couldn't wait. So when i got Mating Games i devoured it, i loved it!

The main story revolves around Raider and Jordan. Everyone is betting who Raider will end up with. With fathers trying to pair shifters off with each other. Much to the chagrin of Raider and Jordan neither of them want to be told. They are both strong willed and want to choose their own mates when the right time comes. Not everyone is of the same opinion and are desperately vying for Raiders attention by ANY means necessary.

This book isn't just about them, we are given so much within this one read. Shifters, drama, mystery, suspense, amazing and diverse romance. Just when I thought I figured things out, bam another twist another turn. Blending into a fantastic story that kept me captivated and guessing all the way through, and thats great writing. 
I can't wait to see what will happen next within Wolf Hollow in Born Free. There are so many could be relationships developing that Nikki Jeffford has got me desparately wanting the next book now!! So until then i will just have to "Run Free"


Release Day | February 13 Mating Games Teaser

Release Day | Mating games Teaser

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Nikki Jefford is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her French husband and their Westie, Cosmo. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys nature, hiking, and motorcycling. Nikki is the author of the Wolf Hollow Shifters series, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, and the Spellbound Trilogy.

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