Thursday, 10 August 2017

Guest Post & Giveaway - M.K. Hardy Author of Chasing Ghosts

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Nic is a successful ghost writer, making a decent living churning out best-selling autobiographies of celebrities and other notable figures. She’s also a recovering alcoholic—three years sober and still tempted, every day, to open the bottle again.
Luckily she has distractions—this time in the form of Isobel DeWitt, an award-winning and well-loved actor in her prime, who has decided to release a tell-all autobiography. Nic finds her likeable, charming and fascinating…but also impossible to crack. Every draft sounds like just another magazine piece full of perfectly crafted sound bytes, but there’s no soul.
Undeterred, Nic continues to dig into the actor’s history in search of the clue that will unlock it all and finds it in the form of one Melody Graham, a reclusive playwright and, if rumours are to be believed, Isobel’s erstwhile lover. Nic chances everything to reach out to her and unbelievably she responds, sharing stories about her time with the tempestuous actress and helping Nic get further and further into Isobel’s head. The problem now is figuring out where Isobel Dewitt starts and Nic ends…

It's time to write! So what do we do instead?

Play video games.
Watch truly appalling movies.

Take the dogs to the park.

Take the dogs to the forest.

Take the dogs to the beach.

Take the dogs to agility training.

Play card and boardgames...

...a lot of card and boardgames.

Pet the cats.

Go to pottery class and create another in the series of 'too small but technically perfect' objects (if you're M).
Go to pottery class and create another very lumpy bowl (if you're K).


Wage an ongoing war against the rosebushes and weeds in the garden.

Cook or bake something from the many many bookmarks in the 'Recipes' folder.

Do DIY. 

Go to a pub quiz and ace the musicals round.
Go to the charity shops and buy highly impractical hats.
Read a book.

Remember we should be writing.
Rinse and repeat.

Meet the Author

MK Hardy is the pen name for two geeky women living and writing together in Scotland. They’ve been writing partners for eleven years and life partners for nine. When they’re not typing frantically at one another they like to walk the dogs, cuddle the cats, drink cocktails and play boardgames.

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