Sunday 30 April 2017

Release Blitz & Review - Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

Title: Misbehaved
Author: Charleigh Rose
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2017

Remington Stringer has never been like most girls. She’s outspoken, brazen and wants nothing more than to escape the Nevadan hell hole that she calls home. 
On the brink of eighteen, with a deceased mother and a well-meaning, yet absent father, she is forced to fend for herself. The only person she’s ever had to depend on is her borderline obsessive stepbrother, Ryan. But, what used to be her anchor is quickly becoming a loose cannon. 
When Remi gets the opportunity to attend the best private school in the state during her senior year of high school, she jumps at the chance. Then she meets Mr. James. Ornery, aloof, and totally irresistible. 
Most girls would swoon in secrecy. 
Most girls would doodle his name with hearts in their notebook.
But Remi Stringer has never been like most girls.

Hot Damn what a read!! i was expecting a taboo read of teacher and student erotic romance but what we got Soooo much more. This really was a love story a hot one yes but still a deep love, love story.

Mr James is a sexy, deep and takes no shit teacher. He was certainly not in the mood to be fond of never mind turned on by a student  but the moment Remington arrives in his class he can't help it. And as all Student/Teacher romances go they can't stay away from each other no matter how much he tells her no. But Mr James finds himself wanting and needing to help and protect her and save her from her shitty home life. 

Remington Stringer doesn't have a bad life just shitty circumstances. She lives with her father and older stepbrother. Her father is on the road a lot and her stepbrother has been her best friend for years. But he's changing and not for the better!!
   She has an opportunity to attend a private school for her senior year. Everyone in her school is stuck up, she feels out of place her only saving grace is she becomes friends with a boy called Christian. That is until the utterly and completely gorgeous but kind of an asshole Mr James!

Like i said this just isn't a student, teacher romance. This story plot was nothing i was expecting and along with this i really enjoyed Remi's and Christian friendship. I also loved Christian's relationship i would have loved for them to have their own book!!

I'm i going to give more away.... hell no this is a great read and to tell you more about this read will give to much away!! 
Get to one clicking this if you love hot taboo reads.


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