Tuesday 27 December 2016

Review - Stella's Emancipation by RK Ryde

Title: Stella's Emancipation
Author: RK Ryde
Publication Date: 30th November 2016

When Stella and Conrad collide once again, sparks fly. But is their bliss meant to be?
Stella’s career is thriving, but her personal life is tragic. She’s made the painful decision to leave Conrad and be taken in by her family, but her world never returns to normal. When she successfully reunites with Conrad, their time apart helps them forge the sexy and emotional relationship they’ve always dreamed of. But the truth always has a way of bubbling to the surface…
As they navigate their new life together, a mysterious woman shows up holding the key to Conrad’s hidden past. When Stella confronts Conrad, she learns his secrets are deeper and darker than she ever realized. Can she learn to accept Conrad for who he is, or will she run away, and this time for good?
Stella’s Emancipation is the second book in a captivating erotic romance trilogy. If you like sophisticated storytelling mixed with sizzling hot romance, then you’ll love RK Ryde’s Stella Series.

"She took a leap of faith and grew her wings on the way down."
David Brinkley   

This is a beautiful quote to describe what happens to Stella from the first book to this book. She did grow her wings and learnt to fly, it was amazing to be apart of this journey with Stella and Conrad.

Stella's Emancipation is the Second book in Stella's Trilogy and MUST be read in order. Very much like the first book i was once again pulled into Stella's world right from the first chapter and boy did RK Ryde deliver with this second part. We jumped straight back into where book one left off and it was heartbreaking!! to watch Stella fall apart from the decision she made, due to the pressure that was forced upon her.

When Stella takes that step away from her parent's i was gripping my kindle urging her to go to Conrad. But i understood why she didn't just go running to him. Even though she needs him her insecurities hold her back and we see her on a path of self doubt once again.
But all it took was one word "Hello..." and my heart was in my mouth!! "Stella, are you there?" then me shouting answer him you fool. When they come together it was like coming home it felt right. Even though it's a stressful situation that brings them together, we get a very hot and explosive moment with Conrad's Alpha side coming out and Stella Submitting herself over to him.
"You. Are. Mine,"

Stella jumps just like Conrad asked her to in the first book. She still has her doubts but with Conrad at her side life seems to be moving along beautifully. But Conrad still has his secrets can they go the distance as their world is turned upside down once again??

We get everything we could want within this story passion, romance, just enough angst and a whole lotta hot erotic sexiness that we all love. As before Rhonda's has wrote another beautiful read with superb writing and if you can believe it, but this is only her second novel. I can't wait to see where Rhonda takes these two because omg that cliffhanger i need book three soon!!! 

I’m a brand new, self-published author of Stella’s Awakening, the first book in a provocative romance trilogy.
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