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Release Blitz, 5 ⭐️Review & Giveaway ~ Break Down, Dublin Rugby #4 by Rebecca Norinne

Title: Break Down
Series: Dublin Rugby #4
Author: Rebecca Norrine
Genre: M/M Sports Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2018

He knows his place on the pitch, but in life, it's a whole other game. All his life, Liam Donnelly looked and wondered. Could he? Would he? And then, finally, he did. But when he sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, his whole world came crashing down, his position with Dublin Rugby right along with it. When the chance to ply his trade in Edinburgh comes along, Liam jumps at the offer, knowing it could be his best opportunity to start fresh and get back to the man he once was. But one look at Chef Lachlan MacLeod — his knowing, whisky-colored eyes, the abrasive scruff dotting his jaw, and the colorful ink lining his forearms —and Liam's wondering all over again. Can he? Will he? His heart says no, but his body says yes. He's conquered his own demons; can he help another man do the same? Out and proud Chef Lachlan MacLeod has no problem with who he is, except he has a history of hooking up with bi-curious straight men. He's vowed never to go down that path again, but when Liam Donnelly shows up in his restaurant, his eyes filled with heat and secret longing, Lachlan can't help himself. He knows the closeted rugby player is a terrible idea, but the man calls to him in a way no one ever has before. What started as a safe way for Liam to explore his sexuality quickly morphs into something much deeper, and now Lachlan wants more. But can his heart reconcile what his head already knows-that loving the gorgeous, broken athlete might actually mean letting him go?
I absolutely adored Liam and Lachlan’s journey. It was sweet, smexy, frustrating and real and I savored each step forward and back that these men took in order to find their HEA. - Books-n-Wine
What do you get when you take a hot rugby star who is sexually confused and add in a sexy, chef who knows what he wants? An excellent read! - Que Sara Sera Book Blog
From start to finished i devoured this read and couldn't put it down till i had. I was drawn in and captivated with Liam and Lachlan's story. - Millsy Loves Books
Break Down was everything and more; all of Rebecca Norinne's words are so beautifully and tastefully written you will not be disappointed with this book. - Scandalous Book Blog
Wow this book! I am having a hard time putting into words how I feel. I absolutely loved this book. This is one of the best M/M romances I have read in a while. - Laid Back Book Bitches
Holy amazing story Batman! This is the first story by this author that I have read. I'm a automatic one clicker for her now. WOW. - The Heathers Blog
This M/M read is beautifully written. The characters being both sexy & rough, yet emotional & vulnerable. - Dani's Book Review Blog

So this is my first read from Rebecca Norinne and what a read i got! This is a fantastic M/M romance read. I'm a huge fan of this genre but if like many your looking for a book to start you off. I can Highly Recommend, this book is beautifully and tastefully written you will not be disappointed. 

 Break Down is a beautiful, heartwarming story, and is the 4th book in series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone as i did. From start to finished i devoured this read and couldn't put it down till i had. I was drawn in and captivated with Liam and Lachlan's story.   

Liam is leaving a town and team he really thought he would be with till retirement. But with the threat of being outed he is left with no choice but to start a fresh with a new team in a new town. I really couldn't help but feel sorry for Liam, at his most vulnerable time a low life tried to exploit him for a quick earner. And that he had the feelings that he wouldn't be accepted, especially in a sport that for me (yes i'am British & Rugby is my sport)
is the most socially acceptable sport i know, from players to fans. It broke my heart that he felt his only option was to leave. But the thing with running from the truth, it never leaves you and truth will always come through.

"Yes, I'm bi, that became my truth"

That truth also came in the form of a hot chef named Lachlan!! Liam never expected him but Lachlan quickly became all and everything Liam thought about and wanted. But can he trust him!! 

I loved Lachlan's character and it really wasn't all plain sailing for him. He fall's just as hard and just as quick for Liam. The difference being Lachlan is openly gay and isn't willing to be somebody's secret. And while it broke my heart to see these two people hurting. I was really glad that Lachlan stuck by what he said he wanted in a relationship. 

“I had to confront the truth: this wasn’t about me exploring all sides of my sexuality. This right here was a spiritual fucking awakening and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that while I liked women, a man was what I needed”

Emotional and vulnerable characters with off the charts sexual chemistry. This read gave me all the feels and left me with the feeling's that i was there and apart of their lives. And that for me is fantastic writing. This is a must read is now one of my top reads of 2018! I look forward to expanding my reading list with more of Rebecca Norinne books. 

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No amount of logic or reason could prevent me from stepping between Liam’s thighs and fisting his blond hair between my fingers. No amount of caution or doubt would keep me from tugging his head back. And when he gasped—his mouth parting in surprise—no amount of uncertainty would keep me from crushing my lips to his, from my teeth nipping at the sensual curve of his full, bottom lip. Nothing, and no one, would keep me from devouring the mouth I’d dreamed about for weeks, from licking my way inside, from tangling my tongue with his until he weaved his fingers through my hair and moaned, the sound moving from his chest, through his mouth, and into mine.

USA TODAY bestselling Rebecca Norinne writes steamy contemporary romance featuring smart and sexy heroines and the men who adore them. When not writing, Rebecca is watching rugby, drinking craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next story. Find out more at

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