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Release Blitz & Review - Between the Secrets by S. Ferguson


Between the Secrets, an all-new MM romance by S. Ferguson is now LIVE!!

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Sometimes the past won’t let you escape no matter how much your future wants you to.
Jake James lives in the shadows of his shame. The guilt for what he’s done, for what was done to him, has left him hollow and haunted.
Greg Bissen just wants Jake to let him in, having accepted who he is a long time ago, he is desperate to break through Jake's defenses.
When danger and an agonizing loss threatens to tear them apart, will Jake let the burdens of his past crush him?
Or can love really conquer all, even if it’s hiding in between the secrets?



So i'm a huge fan of M/M reads and S. Ferguson is a New To Me Author. I can honestly say that i would have never have guessed that this is only the authors second book. It's so well written, intriguing, gritty and captivated my attention. Her first book Something There in Between is connected to Between The Secrets but both books can be read as standalone's they don't follow on. Just characters names mentioned like i said, i read this book first and had no problems with not having read the first. But believe me i most definitely will be rectifying that situation!!

Greg and Jake work together live together they are both strong Alpha Male characters. This i loved for an M/M read you usually find one more dominant than the other. They were both complex characters having their own problems and their own ways of dealing with them. They both work as the enforcers to Ron's "Organisation" keep the street's safe.

For Greg was his feeling's towards Jake he's never shown or told anyone about his feeling's or even that he's gay except for his boss. It's not that he purposely hides it but he also doesn't advertise it either Especially in the job that he does.

"God knows I’m so far in the closet I should have found Narnia by now."

He's also struggling watching his best friend and the man he loves fight his demon's in such a destructive way. He wants to be there for Jake but not just as a friend, he wants to hold, comfort, support him in every way and show him that he his loved.

“Don’t you ever fucking hide your eyes and feel shame for what that fucker did to you.”

Jake is fighting the nightmares of his past, his childhood was cruel and abusive. He's hiding and drowning himself in alcohol and women. The one saving grace he has is his best friend Greg he's the one person he knows has his back no matter what. But after one drunken night that ended with a kiss could Greg be more. He's trying to let him in but his past is holding him back!!

"I wish i could have stopped myself from falling for Jake, but it's impossible. How do you stop yourself from breathing when you need air? It was inevitable."

 This story gave me so much emotion and depth more than i was expecting to be honest. It isn't just a romance story with dark undertones within this read we get a intense mystery that leads us into the next standalone book. Between Killers Which i'm really looking forward to!!


About the Author:

Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

Connect with the Author:

Twitter: @SarahFergWrites
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